William Robison (1764-1813)

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William Robison
Born: 1764 New York
Died: May 1813 Cobleskill, Schoharie, New York
Father: James Robison
Mother: Margaret Adams
Siblings: James Robison
William Robison
Susan Robison
Joseph Robison
Cuthbert Robison
Spouse: Jannetje Bussing
Married: 19 Jun 1789 Kinderhook, New York
Children: Culbert Robinson
Timothy B. Robinson
William Moore Robinson
Isaac Robison
Jane Robison
Margaret Robinson
John Robinson
John Robison


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June 19, 1789 - William Robinson married Jannetje Bussing
William Robison and wife Jane Bussing, had the following children:
Isaac, born Sept. 14, 1794
Jane, bapt. Mar. 12, 1797
  • Badger, Rose Afton Hinckley. Papers:
1813 Executor, Jane Robinson
Granted unto Culbert Robinson, Son of Deceased
  • Stafford, Mike. GEDCOM file, 2 Nov 2001:
Resided in Rensselaer Co. NY and Cobleskill, Schoharie Co. NY.
Letter of Administration 2 Jun 1813.
  • Hardman, Enone L. Research Papers:
Descendants of Johannes Dyckman and Maria Bosyns
  • Marriage variant: 9 Jun 1786 [Despain packet, p. 13]
  • Estate: Schoharie County, New York, Surrogate Court, Book K, p. 360:
Letters of Administration, William Robison, decd.
To Culbert Robison of Cobleskill.
Filed June 2, 1813.
  • Estate: Schoharie County, New York, Estate Papers, 1813-028:
To all to Whom These presant Shall come or may concern Know Ye that I Jane Robison of the Town of CabulsKill County of Schoharie & State of New York wife and relict of William Robison of the Same place Deceased as the next of kin do by these presants Renounce taking letters of Administration on the Estate of the Said Deceased and am willing that letters may be granted unto Culbert Robison son of Said Deceased agreeable to a Citation to me Shown & Signed - Given under my hand & Seal the third Day of June 1813.
Jane Robinson her X mark
In presence of Philip Burlingham
Includes Letters of Administration to Culbert Robinson 2 Jun 1813 and Inventory of William Robinson 24 Jul 1814