Albert Robison Biography (1847-1877)


Albert Robison Biography (1847-1877)

Albert Robison Biography (1847-1877)

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Albert Robison Biography (1847-1877)

Born: 8 Apr 1847 Crete, Illinois
Died: 21 Oct 1877 Fillmore, Utah
Father: Joseph Robison
Mother: Lucretia Hancock
Siblings: Alfred Robison
Benjamin Hancock Robison
Joseph Vickery Robison
Alvin Locke Robison
Emily Robison
William Henry Robison
Mary Robison
Lucretia Proctor Robison
Proctor Hancock Robison
Almon Robison
Albert Robison
Adelia Robison
Franklin Alonzo Robison
Spouse: Elizabeth Wright Marshall
Married: 28 Apr 1873
Children: Elizabeth Adelia Robison


Albert Robison Biography (1847-1877)

Based upon Lucretia Lyman Ranney’s sketch in American Ancestry of Joseph Robison and his wife Lucretia Hancock, p. 12:

Albert Robison was born on the 8th of April, 1847 at Crete, Will, Illinois.

His parents are Joseph Robison and Lucretia Hancock.

His brothers and sisters are: Alfred Robison, Benjamin Hancock Robison, Joseph Vickery Robison, Alvin Locke Robison, Emily Robison, William Henry Robison, Mary Robison, Lucretia Proctor Robison, Proctor Hancock Robison, Almon Robison, Adelia Robison and Franklin Alonzo Robison.

He married Elizabeth Wright Marshall on the 28th of April, 1873.

They had one daughter: Elizabeth Adelia Robison.

Albert, with som of his brothers, especially Joseph V., brought some of the first fruit trees into Millard County and into northern Nevada, before Albert was married in 1873.

Some of these treees are still bearing fruit, especially one pear tree which was bearing fruit when Albert was married in 1873. In the fall of 1958 this tree bore fruit of good size and perfect in every way.

Albert died on the 21st of October, 1877 at Fillmore, Millard, Utah. He is buried in the Fillmore Cemetery.


Albert Robison Biography (1847-1877)


  • Birth variations:
Aug 1847 [American Ancestry, p. 12]
28 Apr 1847 [Sweeting binder]
  • 1850 Federal Census, Illinois, Will County, Crete, Page #168, Dwelling #96, Family #97, Enumerated 20 Sep 1850:
ROBINSON, Joseph Albert, 3, m, ILL
  • 1860 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Fillmore City, Page #106, Dwelling #922, Family #839, enumerated 14 Jul 1860:
ROBINSON, Joseph Albert, 13, m, ILL, att school
  • 1870 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Town: Fillmore, Post Office: Fillmore, Enumerated 25 Jun 1870, page 10, Dwelling 82, Family 76:
ROBISON, Almon Albert, 23, m, w, Farmer, 750/2900, Ill.
  • Death, Burial: Lichfield, Beulah Menlove. Cemetery Records, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, p. 57:
Name: ROBISON, Albert

Born: (not given)
Age at Death:
Parents: Joseph Robison & Lucretia …
Died: 21 Oct 1877
Buried: in Fillmore Block 92, Lot 1
  • Death, Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 40:

“BLK 92, Lot 1, Grave 2
d. 10-21-2187 [sic]
  • Death, Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Master List, by Deceased Name, 13 Jun 1994, p. 378:

BLK 92, Lot 1, Grave 2
d. 10-21-1877
Current Owner: Robison, Howard A.
Original Owner:
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  • Day, Stella H. ed., Builders of Early Millard, pp. 589, 596, 599, 603.
  • Hughes, Karen May Moorehouse. Descendants of Joseph Robison and Lucretia Hancock, p. 1.
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