Amasa James M. Hunn (1853-1921)

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Amasa James M. Hunn
Evergreen Hills Cemetery
Born: 30 Jan 1853 Dundee, Michigan
Died: 2 Nov 1921 Vanderbilt, Michigan
Father: John G. Hunn
Mother: Roxana Wait
Siblings: William Hunn
Mary Jane Hunn
Amanda Hunn
Amasa James M. Hunn
Nelson G. Hunn
Andrew Hunn
Spouse: Carrie A. Newman
Married: 1 Sep 1873 Williams, Bay, Michigan
Children: Henry Giddin Hunn
Emaline Amanda Hunn
William Hunn
John Morris Nelson Hunn
Mary A. Hunn
Juliette Bertha Hunn
Athel Oren Andrew Hunn
Alfred Arthur Ellis Hunn
Lillian Eva Mae Hunn
Mabel Hunn

Amasa James M. Hunn was born in January 30, 1853 to John G. Hunn and Roxana Wait in Dundee, Michigan.

Amasa married Carrie A. Newman in September 1, 1873 in Williams, Bay, Michigan.

In the 1880 Federal Census they are living at the home of Augustus Liscum in Saginaw, Michigan. Both of them are listed as inlaws to Augustus. They have three children at the time.

Their children are: Henry Giddin, Emaline Amanda, William, John Morris Nelson, Mary A., Juliette Bertha, Athel Oren Andrew, Alfred Arthur Ellis, Lillian Eva Mae and Mabel Hunn.

In 1900 they are living in Corwith township, Otsego, Michigan.

He died November 2, 1921 in Vanderbilt, Otsego, Michigan. He is buried in the Evergreen Hills Cemetery, Corwith, Otsego, Michigan. His stone lists his first name as Amisa.


  • Name Variants, Amisa, James Amassa, Hun,
  • Marriage: Extracted Marriage Record, Bay Co., MI 1867-1885: IGI
Source call # 0947222 Batch # M518252
Amasa Hun & Carrie Newman
Date: 01 Sep 1873, Bay Co., MI
Husband age: 21
Wife age: 17
  • 1880 Federal Census, Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, page:149B
Liscum, Augustus
Hunn, Carrie A., d-i-l, married, female, white, 22, MI, Boarding, NY, NY
Hunn, Amasa, son-in-law, married, male, white, 26, MI, Coopering, NY, NY
, Henry, nephew, single, male, white, 4, MI, MI, MI
, Emaline, niece, single, female white, 2, MI, MI, MI
, William, nephew, single, male, white, 1, MI, MI, MI
  • 1900 Federal Census, Corwith, Otsego, Michigan
Hunn, Amasa M., Jan 1853, 47, married 27 y, b. MI, daylaborer
, Carrie A., wife, Apr 1858, 42, 8 kids 6 alive, MI, MI, MI
, John M., son, Dec 1880,19, single, MI, MI, MI, day laborer
, Julia B., daughter, Jun 1885,14, single, MI, MI, MI, at school
, Athol O., son, Nov 1887,12, single, MI, MI, MI, at school
, Alfred A., son, Sep 1889, 10, single, MI, MI, MI, at school
, Lilly E., daughter, Mar 1894, 6, single, MI, MI, MI, at school
Sawyer, Mary A., daughter, Mar 1883, 17, Md 0 y, 0 kids, MI MI MI
, Byron, son-in-law, Dec 1872, 27, MI, NY, MI, day laborer
  • 1910 Federal Census, Corwith Twp., Vanderbilt Village, Otsego, Michigan:
Hunn, Amasa, head, male, white 57, married1, 37, MI, NY, OH, laborer, Saw Mill
, Carrie, wife, female, white, 53, married1, 37, 10 kids 8 alive, MI, MI, MI
, Alfred, son, male, white, 19, single, MI, MI, Mi, laborer, Broom Handle Factory
  • Death: Otsego County, Michigan, Record of Deaths, volume A, page 146, FHL Film #965765, Item 3, :
no. 1507
Date of Death: Nov. 2 1921
Name: Amasa M. Hunn
Sex and color: Male, white
Age: 68 yrs 9 mos 3 days
Place of death: Vanderbilt
Cause: Apoplexy
Birth place: Mich
Occupation: Laborer
Father: John G. Hunn, residence Mich
Mother: Roxene Wate, residence Ohio
Date of Record: Sept. 15 1922