August Frank Melching (1849-1926)

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August Frank Melching
Melching, August Frank 1910.jpg
Born: 13 Jan 1849 Sievershausen, Germany
Died: 13 Mar 1926 Harbor Springs, Michigan
Father: August F. Melching
Mother: Christianne Caroline Dorette Wilhelmine Ritterbusch
Siblings: August Frank Melching
Wilhelm George Melching
Caroline Charlotte Amalie Melching
Auguste Charlotte Amalie Melching
Spouse: (1) Augusta Phenora Melching
Married: 2 Sep 1869 Newport, Kentucky
Children: Augusta Christina Melching
Henry William Melching
Elizabeth Melching
Emma Wilhelmine Melching
August Carl Melching
Lena F. Melching
Lillian Helen Melching
Elsie Susan Melching
Julia Anna Melching
Matilda Catherine Melching
Frederick Melching
Spouse: (2) Frieda Wilhelmine Amalie Schwerdtfeger
Married: abt 1905 of Harbor Springs, Michigan

August Frank Melching was born January 13, 1849 at Sievershausen, Hanover, Germany.

His parents are: August F. Melching and Christianne Caroline Dorette Wilhelmine Ritterbusch.

His siblings are Wilhelm George Melching, Caroline Charlotte Amalie Melching and Auguste Charlotte Amalie Melching.

He married first Augusta Phenora Melching on September 2, 1869 at Newport, Kentucky.

They lived for many years in Steubenville, Ohio until they moved to Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan in 1878. In Harbor Springs he owned the A. F. Melching Furniture Store.

Their children are Augusta Christina, Henry William, Elizabeth, Emma Wilhelmine, August Carl, Lena F., Lillian Helen, Elsie Susan, Julia Anna, Matilda Catherine, Frederick and Baby Melching.

He married second Frieda Wilhelmine Amalie Schwerdtfeger abt 1910 of Harbor Springs, Michigan.

August died March 13, 1926 at Harbor Springs, Michigan. He is buried at the Lakeview Cemetery, Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan.

August bottom left


  • 1880 Federal Census, Little Traverse Twp, Emmet, Michigan
Melching, Augustin F., self, married, male, white, 30, Hanover, Common Laborer, Hanover, Hanover
, Augusta, wife, married, female, white, 32, Hanover, Keeping House, Hanover, Hanover
, Augusta, daughter, single, female, white, 10, OH, At School, Hanover, Hanover
, Henry, son, single, male, white, 8, OH, At School, Hanover, Hanover
, Lizzie, daughter, single, female, white, 6, OH, At School, Hanover, Hanover
, Emma, daughter, single, female, white, 4, OH, Hanover, Hanover
, Augustus, son, single, male, white, 2, OH, Hanover, Hanover
, Lena, daughter, single, female, white, 1, MI, Hanover, Hanover
Elliott, Eddie S., Other, single, male, white, 10, IA, At School, OH, OH
, Gracie M., Other, single, female, white, 6, IA, OH, OH
, Carrie G., Other, single, female, white, 10M, IN, OH, OH
  • 1900 Federal Census, Little Traverse Twp., Emmet, Michigan
Melching, August, head, white, male, Jan 1849, 51, married,31, Ger, Ger, Ger, 1865, 35, na, Farmer
, Augusta, wife, white, female, Aug 1847, 52, married 31, 11 kids,10 live, Ger, Ger, Ger,1866, 34
, Henry, son, white, male, Feb 1872, 28, single, OH, Ger, Ger, Carpenter, 4
, Lizzie, daughter, white, female, Oct 1874, 25, single, OH, Ger, Ger, Domestic, 6
, August, son, white, male, Apr 1877, 23, M, 3, OH, Ger, Ger, Farm Labor
, Lena, daughter, white, female, Jun 1879, 20, single, MI, Ger, Ger
, Lillis, daughter, white, female, May 1881, 19, single, MI, Ger, Ger
, Elsie, daughter, white, female, Apr 1883,17, single, MI, Ger, Ger, at school, 9
, Julia, daughter, white, female, June 1885,14, single, MI, Ger, Ger, at school, 9
, Tillie, daughter, white, female, May 1888,12, single, MI, Ger, Ger, at school, 9
, Lafa, Grd. daughter, white, female, Sept 1898, 1, single, MI, OH, PA
, August W., Br. In law, white, male, Feb 1856, 44, single, Ger, Ger, Ger, 1882, 18, na, Baker
MELCHING, August Frank
Date of Death: 3/13/1926
Liber: 4
Foloio: 130
Place of Death: Harbor Springs, Michigan
Melching, August Frank
d. Mar 13, 1926
Sec E Lot-60
  • Sources; Parish records St. Trinitatus Evan. Church in Sievershausen, Hanover, Germany .
  • Family Records of Gertrude Caroline Catob Howse Carmer
  • Copy of Melching Family Bible given to Arnold Howse.
August immigrated from Germany to US in 1866. Naturalized in 1871.
First they lived in Steubenville, Ohio and then moved to Harbor Springs, Michigan in 1878 following his brother William.