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"Moving a page" is Wiki-talk for "re-naming a page".

The whole point of this wiki is to create useful, detailed biographies. That is a process of research and discovery. It is expected that users will create pages and then rename them as new information is discovered.

Renaming a page

  • Go to the page whose name needs to be changed
  • Click on the "Move" tab at the top
  • Fill in the new page name
  • Fill in the reason for renaming the page
  • Click on "Move page"
  • Change all the links on other pages so that they point to the new page name, so that redirects can be eliminated


When a page is first created, the page name might not be totally complete. For example, when the page for Floyd Hoover was first created, all that was known about him was that he was born in 1889 and that he is dead. So, a page was created with the name "Floyd Hoover (1889-)".

A record was then located listing Floyd's death date in 1959. The page name was changed to "Floyd Hoover (1889-1959)". In order to change a page name it was necessary to "move" that page.

When logged in to the Wiki and while at the page that needs a new name, click on the "Move" tab at the top of the page. You will be asked for the new page name and a reason for the name change. Fill in that information and click on "Move page".


When a page is moved, the wiki creates the new page, moving the entire contents from the old page to the new page. The old, empty page is then used as a "re-direct" that points to the page with the new name. That means that any time someone tries to go to the page named "Floyd Hoover (1889-)", they will automatically be redirected to the page named "Floyd Hoover (1889-1959)".

Later a record was found that listed Floyd's middle initial as "A". The process listed above was used to move or re-name the page to "Floyd A. Hoover (1889-1959)".

Following the Special Pages link (on the left in the toolbox), there is long list of links to various reports including a link to a page called "List redirects". That page lists any currently existing redirects in the Biographical Wiki. The Administrator will periodically go through the redirects and delete each unnecessary page (after first verifying that no other pages link to them), cleaning up the results of biography building. In the example listed above, the page "Floyd Hoover (1889-)" and "Floyd Hoover (1889-1959)" were each deleted, leaving only the final "Floyd A. Hoover (1889-1959)" link.