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When you add a biography to you must create a new page for that biography. The new pages name will be the name of the person in the biography.

In order to keep the page names consistent please remember these recommendations:

  • Given name(s) first followed by the last name
Example: Martha Ann Truman
  • The name is followed by a the birth and death years in parentheses
Example: Martha Ann Truman (1850-1892)
  • Women are always listed by their maiden name
  • If only a birth year is known, leave the death year blank
Example: (1850-)
  • If only a death year is known, leave the birth year blank
Example: (-1892)

Some notes:

  • Including the birth and death years will help people find the right person by looking only at page names
  • If you don't know the birth or death year for biography, leave the parentheses off of the page name
  • Page names can be changed later
  • If a person is living, DO NOT create a page for them. Instead, link them to the Living page