Clifford Leroy Howse (1915-1957)

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Clifford Leroy "Cliff" Howse
Cliff Howse Wed.jpg
Born: 19 Mar 1915 Harbor Springs, Michigan
Died: 22 Aug 1957 Petoskey, Michigan
Father: James Milton Howse
Mother: Sarah Ellen Philips
Siblings: Raymond Leslie House
James Milton House, Jr.
Anna E. Overholt
Eisey May Howse
Melvin Earl Howse
Myrtle Sina Howse
Charles Adelbert Howse
Sylvia Pauline Howse
Clifford Leroy Howse
Spouse: Gertrude Caroline Catob
Married: 21 Dec 1935 Harbor Springs, Michigan
Children: Gertrude Joanne Howse
Karlene Joyce Howse
Arnold Leroy Howse

Clifford Leroy Howse was born March 19, 1915 in Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan.

His parents are James Milton Howse and Sarah Ellen Philips.

He was the youngest of their children, with Eisey May, Melvin Earl, Myrtle Sina, Charles Adelbert and Sylvia Pauline Howse being older.

Cliff also had two older half-brothers, Raymond Leslie and James Milton House, Jr. and a half-sister, Anna E. Overholt.

Clifford married Gertrude Caroline Catob on December 21, 1935 in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Cliff and Gertrude had three children: Gertrude Joanne, Karlene Joyce and Arnold Leroy Howse.

Cliff was born, raised and lived all of his life in Harbor Springs, Michigan. He had two toys which he said were the only store-bought toys he had ever owned. Nevertheless, he and his siblings found many fun things to do and play with.

Mel, Jr., who spent a summer living with Sarahs family, said that Cliff taught him to swim. Took him out on a raft and pushed him off! A good-natured boy, he seemed to be able to get away with most anything and still remain adored.

Joanne Heinz Howse remembers his mother often speaking of him in glowing terms. He was her baby, after all.

After marrying his high school sweetheart, Cliff and Gertrude had 3 children, Joanne, Karlene and Arnold. The couple has been often described as being very close, loving each other more than most anyone, each adoring the other. Karl Catob, Jr. said that he loved to be in their home as there was so much love and so little contention there.

Hard working, Cliff had several jobs and was said to never let any time pass without one. He worked in Renolda Greenhouse, one summer, with Leslie Heinz who said he was a hard worker. After marriage he worked for the tannery on the Harbor-Petoskey Road for several years. His son, Arnold, recalls taking a bus to the tannery and playing baseball with his Dad and others during their lunch break and then riding home with Cliff. When the tannery closed, Cliff had a temporary job working at the Bar Harbor. This was followed by several years of working at the Perm Alum factory in Harbor Springs He was eventually made the foreman, there. Hiring and firing people was part of his job but he said that firing was very hard for him. One case that made him feel especially bad was when he had to turn down a black fellow who had applied to work there. This because it was the company policy.

Having been raised in northern Michigan, Cliff was an avid hunter and fisherman. He shot much wild game and caught many fish. The family food storage was greatly enlarged by canned venison and Gertrude still had some jars when Arnold and Joanne were struggling to complete his college education. These were often shared with them to enlarge their food supply, at that time.

The family had many picnics and other outings. Cliff always loved being with his family.

When still a young man, he had what seemed to be a terrible case of the flu. Was very sick and even passed out. After visiting the local doctor he was told that it was the flu bug that was going around. After waiting it out for a time, he saw another doctor and found that he had colon cancer which had spread throughout his body. After hospitalization and treatments, he finally succumbed at the age of 42. His wife and children felt the loss of his presence greatly but his posterity will always remember him and his physical and personal characteristics will continue to show up in many of them.

Clifford died August 22, 1957 of colon cancer in Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan. He is buried in the Lakeview Cemetery in Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan.

Lakeview Cemetery, Harbor Springs

Some memories

From Arnold:

My dad loved to clown around once in a while, which was good as he was usually serious and didn't talk a lot. His feelings for you were felt by the things he did for his children and wife. He was consistent in his judgments and never was harsh to me, though I always thought of him as an untiring and strong man; one whom you should not cross. He loved to go fishing and liked to take me. He was proud of me whenever I excelled in football, music or school. He loved to go mushrooming, raspberry picking, puffball looking, hunting, fishing. Though it wasn't the best place for us to be, I enjoyed going to the Legion Hall with him once a week and have peanuts and orange drink at the bar. Somehow though, I knew the things I ought to do and shouldn't do, though he never outright taught me the difference with lectures. He spent many hours trying to keep my motor scooter running. It always seemed, as children, that we were rich in material things as well as being loved by him. I loved him and respected him and miss him, though I knew him for only a short while. He gave all his life and effort for his family.

My parents always set the tree up after we went to bed on Christmas Eve when we were small. As we got older, we reverted to the Schwerdtfeger tradition of Christmas Eve dinner and opening of gifts then. Uncle Karl Catob told us that he always remembered his family going to Grandma and Grandpa Schwerdtfeger's home, singing carols and having a special dinner. He said that the Schwerdtfeger girls all had nice singing voices. Christmas always included the oyster stew.


Petoskey Evening News, Petoskey, Michigan, week of 26 Aug 1957:

Life-long resident buried Saturday

Clifford Howse, 42, died Thursday, August 22 at Lockwood General Hospital after a long illness.

Born March 10th, 1915, he was a life-long resident of Harbor Springs. For the past five years he was an employee of PermAlum Industries of this city.

Survivors are his wife, Gertrude; two daughters, Mrs. Gary Swiss and Karlene, and a son Arnold; two sisters Mrs. Denton Ward of Harbor Springs and Mrs. Ross Reed of Alanson; and three brothers, Melvin of Lansing, Delbert of Overpeck, Ohio, and Raymond of Lansing; and one granddaughter, Monica Sue Swiss.

Funeral services were held on Saturday afternoon at the First Presbyterian Church in charge of the Rev. Ronald E. Felty. Interment was in Lakeview Cemetery.


  • Birth: Emmet Co., Michigan, Birth Record:
House, Clifford Leroy
born: 19 March 1915, male, legit., white
at: Harbor Springs
parents reside in Harbor Springs
mother: Sarah Phillips, b. Michigan
father: James M. House, Teamster, b. Michigan
  • 1920 Federal Census, Harbor Springs, Little Traverse Twp., Emmet, Michigan:
House, James M.
, Clifford, son, male, white, 4 9/12, single, MI, MI, MI
  • 1930 Federal Census, Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan:
Howse, Sarah E.
, Clifford L., son, white, male, single, 15, MI, MI, MI
  • Marriage: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Marriages:
HOWSE, Clifford & CATOB, Gertrude
Date: 12/21/1935
Liber: 5
Folio: 67
  • Death: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Deaths:
HOWSE, Clifford Leroy
Date of Death: 8/22 /1957
Liber: 1957
Folio: 157
Place of Death: Petoskey, MI
  • Obituary: Petoskey Evening News, Petoskey, Michigan, week of 26 Aug 1957
Howse, Clifford Leroy
Born: 0/0/0000
Died: 0/0/0000
Burial: 8/22/1957
Cemetery: Lakeview, Harbor Springs
Howse, Clifford Leroy
d. Aug 22, 1957
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