Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (1831-1915)

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Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow
Ashby, Elizabeth Rebecca.jpg
Born: 17 May 1831 Salem, Massachusetts
Died: 7 May 1915 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: Nathaniel Ashby
Mother: Susan Hammond
Siblings: Robert Reed Ashby
Benjamin Ashby
Susan Ann Ashby
Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby
Martha Ellen Ashby
Harriet Maria Ashby
Nathaniel Ashby
Richard H. Ashby
William Hardin Ashby
Mary Jane Ashby
Emma Smith Ashby
John Jefford Ashby
Spouse: Erastus Fairbanks Snow
Married: 19 Dec 1847 Winter Quarters, Nebraska

Jas. T. Jakeman. Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers, p. 34:

Elizabeth Ashby is the daughter of Susan Hammond and Nathaniel Ashby.

She married Erastus Fairbanks Snow December 19, 1847 at Winter Quarters, Florence, Nebraska.

In 1841, Elizabeth and her parents moved to Nauvoo, and that same year was baptized by Erastus Snow. At the age of fourteen years she with her parents were driven from Nauvoo and started for Winter Quarters, but her father died and left her mother with eleven children. They spent the winter of 1847-48 at Winter Quarters, and here on December 19, 1847, she became the wife of Erastus Snow.

With her husband she arrived in Salt Lake City September 20, 1848, and lived in the Old Fort that winter. In 1849 her husband went to Scandinavia on a mission and she went out sewing for a living until his return in 1852. In 1858 she moved to Provo, where she lived until 1861, when she with her husband moved to St. George, where she lived until 1884, when they moved to Mexico to establish a colony there.

Mr. Snow died in Salt Lake City, May 27, 1888, and after his death Mrs. Snow went to Mexico for a short visit, returning to St. George, where she lived for a number of years, then moved to Salt Lake City, where she has since resided at her home in the Eighteenth Ward.

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