Gustav Julius Chudobba (1877-1954)

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Gustav Julius Chudobba
Chudobba, Gustav.jpg
Born: 1877 Riesenwald, Germany
Died: 1954 Dannhausen, Germany
Father: Johann Adolph Chudobba
Mother: Justine Henriette Chudobi
Siblings: Maria Chudobba
Gustav Julius Chudobba
Helene Emma Chudobba
Johann Adolph Chudobba
Paul Chudobba Kube
Emma Chudobba
Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Karl Bruno Kube
Spouse: Hedwig
Married: 1905 Schmiedebe, Germany
Children: Otto Chudobba

Gustav Julius Chudobba was born in 1877 at Riesenwald, Germany.

His parents are Johann Adolph Chudobba and Justine Henriette Chudobi.

His siblings are Maria Chudobba, Helene Emma Chudobba, Johann Adolph Chudobba, Paul Chudobba Kube, Emma Chudobba, Karl Bruno Kube and Friedrich Carl Chudobba.

Gustave married Hedwig in 1905 at Schmiedebe, Germany.

They had one son, Otto Chudobba.

Gustave died in 1954 at Dannhausen, Germany.


  • Family Records of John Catob
  • Personal knowledge of Maria Chudobba Kochanowsky:
Gustav in military for 12 years.
Because of that service, he was given position as an Investigative Policeman.
Had garden similar to US Victory gardens.
Often biked from his home in Stettin to Fritz's home, some 8-9 miles, and helped Fritz with work.
  • Theim, Karin. Ahnen Stand 24.5.2011 NK DsNr 1486 Christian Chudobba Kartei.pdf
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