Jacob Mica Truman (1825-1881)

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Born: 30 Aug 1825, Niagara, New York
Father: John Franklin Truman
Married: 19 Apr 1849, Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Martha Ann Truman
John Franklin Truman
Emma Maria Truman
Jacob Boyce Truman
George Almus Truman
William Thomas Truman
Lucius Truman
Lucy Elizabeth Truman
Albert Henry Truman
Mary Lois Truman
Lacina Almena Truman
Esther Priscilla Truman

Carter, Kate B., ed., Treasures of Pioneer History, vol. 4, p. 496:

Jacob Mica Truman, son of Martha Patty Spencer and John Frank Truman, was born in Niagara, New York, August 30, 1825. In the early 1830's he heard and accepted the Gospel along with other members of his family. When the call came for five hundred Mormon men to form a battalion, Jacob was among the first to volunteer. He was assigned to Company 'C.' Jacob loved to ride horses and when new horses were brought to replace those that had died along the way, Jacob helped to break them in. One day he tried to ride a very wild animal. The horse ran under a tree whose branches knocked Jacob to the ground and he was badly hurt. The doctor of the company said he would not live long--that they would have to go on and leave him there to die. Four of his comrades begged the doctor to dress the wounds and let the m stay behind with him for a little while. The request was granted. As soon as the company moved on, the four boys formed a circle and offered up a fervent prayer for the recovery of their comrade. After a short time Jacob was sufficiently recovered to be put on a horse and all rejoined the camp that evening. The doctor, not being of their faith said: 'You can't kill those d... Mormons.' After Jacob's release from service, he stayed in California and panned gold. He brought back a small sack of nuggets to Salt Lake. Soon after he met, fell in love with and married Elizabeth Boyce. They had three children when he married Catherine Maxwell. He built two homes and purchased a small farm for each of his families. In 1860 Jacob was called to help settle small communities located in Southern Utah. Later he was called by President Erastus Snow to help settle a small town, named Hamblin, where he served as Presiding Elder. He passed away November 31, 1881. --Lauretta Hunt Ross

Mormon Battalion

He had not reached his 21st birthday when on July 26th 1846, Captain James Allen of the United States Army arrived at Mount Pisgah, Iowa and presented to these homeless, driven and persecuted refugees a circular asking for 500 men to take part in the war with Mexico. He was among the first to volunteer. He was placed in Company C. He was with the Captain James Brown Company of 90 men and 14 officers, 104 men all told.

According to Daniel Tyler’s journal, Jacob Truman was among the soldiers who made the entire trip to San Diego and up to Sutter’s Fork on the Sacramento River and was there when gold was discovered. He obtained work from Captain John A. Sutter. Sutter was hiring men to build saw mills, flour mills and dig a mill race. He was one of the ones Samuel Brannan met on his return from meeting Brigham Young and took his advice to remain in California and work the winter there.


Deseret News, 29 Nov 1881:

- Bro. John Pulsipher wrote from Hamblin, Washington Co., on the 26th inst. - "This morning I report the sad news of the demise of our beloved Jacob Mica Truman, who died at this place at 8 o'clock last Wednesday evening the 23rd inst. after one week's suffering with lung fever.
"Bro. Truman was born in the State of New York on the 30th of August 1825 . Joining the church in Nauvoo in 1845 and from that time he has been a firm and faithful servant of the Lord, ever ready to speak and act in defense of the Latter-day work. He was one of the brave men known as the Mormon Battalion that performed so important a part in freeing t his portion of our country from the rule of foreign power.
"Deceased was among the first settlers of St. George having arrived there twenty years ago this fall. He breathed his last after business was ended, like going to sleep, in the midst of his numerous family. May the Lord comfort them. The funeral was attended by almost the entire inhabitants of this town and a good number from other places. Bishop Robert Knell, of Pinto, Elders Jos. Eldredge and Richard Harrison and others gave much good instruction to comfort and encourage all."


  • Mickname: Tall Walkin' Jesus [because as Presiding Elder he used to walk around and tell everybody what they were doing wrong]
  • Patriarchal Blessing: Historian's Office, Index to Blessings:
Name: Truman, Jacob M.
Born: 30 Aug 1825
Blessed: 22 Aug 1845
Recorded: Vol. 9, Page 356
  • 1850 Federal Census, Utah Territory, Great Salt Lake County, Page #142, Dwelling #3, Family #3:
TRUMAN, Jacob M., 25, m, Farmer, 200, Canada
Elizabeth, 20, f, Mich
Martha, 1, f, Deseret
  • 1860 Federal Census, Utah Territory, Salt Lake County, Great Salt Lake City Post Office, Page #251, Dwelling #1827, Family #216, Enumerated 9 Aug 1860:
TRUMAN, Jacob M., 34, m, Farmer 600/400, NY
Elizabeth, 28, f, Mich
Martha Ann, 11, f, Utah, att school
John F., 9, m, Utah, att school
Emma, 7, f, Utah, att school
Jacob B., 5, m, Utah, att school
Almus G., 4, m, Utah, att school
William, 2, m, Utah Lucius, 3/12, m, Utah
Martha, 60, f, Penn
BARNUM, Henry, 21, m, Mich
  • Civil service: Carter, Kate B. Treasures of Pioneer History, vol 3, p. 359:
Jacob Mica Truman was appointed a selectman of Summit County in 1861.
1870 Federal Census, Utah Territory, Washington County, Mountian Meadows, Page #1 , Dwelling #1, Family #1:
TRUMAN, Jacob, 45, m, w, Farmer, 500/700, NY
Elizabeth, 38, f, w, Keeping House, Mich
Martha, 20, f, w, No occup., Utah, att school
Emma, 17, f, w, at home, Utah, att school
Jacob B., 14, m, w, at home, Utah, att school
Almysa, 12, f, w, at home, Utah, att school
William, 9, m, w, Utah, att school
Lucy E., 5, f, w, Utah, att school Albert, 3, m, w, Utah
Dwelling #2, Family #2:
TRUMAN, Catherine, 38, f, w, Keeping House, Scotland, par. for.
Ralph, 14, m, w, work on farm, Ut, att school
Rowdy, 10, m, w, at home, Ut, att school
Lousette, 8, f, w, at home, Ut
Mica, 5, f, w, Utah
Ellen, 2, f, w, Utah
Althire, 1, m, w, Utah
  • Patriarchal Blessing: Historian's Office, Index to Blessings:
Name: Truman, Jacob M.
Born: 30 Aug 1825
Blessed: 7 Jun 1875
Recorded: Vol. 175, Page 102
  • 1880 Federal Census, Utah, Washington County, Truman Ranch, Gunlock Precinct, Page #3, Dwelling #1, Family #1, Enumerated 2 Jun 1880:
TRUMAN, Jacob M., w, m, 55, md, Farmer, NY, , NY
Elizabeth, w, f, 49, wife, md, Keeping House, Mich, Eng, Eng
Catharine, w, f, 50, wife, md, Keeping House, Scot, Ire, Scot
William T., w, m, 21, son, s., farmer, UT, NY, MI
Luca E., w, f, 15, dau, single, UT, NY, MI
Abbot H., w, m, 12, son, single, UT, NY, MI
Mary L., w, f, 9, dau, single, UT, NY, MI
Lacina A., w, f, 6, dau, single, UT, NY, MI
Esta P., w, f, 4, dau., single, UT, NY, MI
Dwelling #2, Family #2:
TRUMAN, Mica S., w, m, 15, son, single, UT, NY, Scotland
Ellen S., w, f, 12, dau., single, UT, NY, Scot.
Arthur M., w, m, 10, son, single, UT, NY, Scot.
"Here ends Truman Ranch (2 miles below Gunlock)"
  • Death: From Obituary information.
  • Death variations:
22 Nov 1881 [family records]
26 Nov 1881
31 Nov 1881 [Lauretta Hunt Ross]
  • Gravestone: Hamblin Cemetery (visited 3 Aug 1996 by the Robison family): Jacob M. Truman Utah Pvt Co. C Mormon Bn Mexican War Aug 30 1825 Nov 26 1881 Brass Marker: Mexican War 1846-1846 (Symbol of Moroni in the middle) US Mormon Battalion
  • Burial variant: Mountain Meadow [family records]
  • LDS Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Helen Truman using family records of Clara Chadburn and the Index Bureau
  • Black, Susan E., Membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830 -1849, [Microfiche].
  • Truman.ged file from Paul E. Price, 19 May 1996:
BIRTH: Born near the town of Niagra, what is now called North Tonowanda.
BAPTISM: Baptized by Lyman Stoddard.
ORDINATION: Ordained a member of the 30th Quorum of Seventies on 30 Aug 1845.
ENDOWMENT: Records show that he was endowed on 1 Jan 1846 in Nauvoo.
DEATH: Died at the Truman Ranch, near Gunlock, Utah, of pneumonia at the ag e of 56. He died at 8PM on a Wednesday.
BURIAL: Mountain Meadows is also known as Hamblin.
INTEREST: Member of the Mormon Battalion. Arrived in Salt Lake City on 1 Oct 1848. Also was a member of the Nauvoo Legion (Utah's state militia), rising in the ranks from private to captain, commanding his own company in 1857. On 6 Oct 1861, at general conference, Jacob was called to help settle Utah's Dixie.
  • Nauvoo Restoration, Inc., Nauvoo Seventies List, vol. 3, pp. 444-445:
Truman, Jacob M.
Birth: 30 Aug 1825; Niagara, Niagara County, New York
Parents: John and Martha Spencer
Baptism: 10 Jun 1845 by Lyman Stoddard Ordained
Seventy: Aug 1845 by John Gaylord
Residence: [Utah]
Source: 70s Rec, 30 Qrm, 1845, LDS Archives