James Milton House, Jr. (1897-1964)

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James Milton House, Jr.
Born: 18 Dec 1897 Vanderbilt, Michigan
Died: 1960 Detroit, Michigan
Father: James Milton Howse
Mother: Emaline Amanda Hunn
Siblings: Raymond Leslie House
James Milton House, Jr.
Anna E. Overholt
Eisey May Howse
Melvin Earl Howse
Myrtle Sina Howse
Charles Adelbert Howse
Sylvia Pauline Howse
Clifford Leroy Howse
Spouse: Barbara Valentine Willing
Married: 22 Jul 1918 Detroit, Michigan
Children: Violet M. House
James Milton House
Walter T. House

James Milton House Jr. was born December 18, 1897 in Vanderbilt, Otsego, Michigan to James Milton Howse and Emaline Amanda Hunn.

James had one brother: Raymond Leslie House.

Their parents divorced and Raymond spent most of his time with his father, while James was with his mother.

He had several half brothers and sister from his father: Eisey May, Melvin Earl, Myrtle Sina, Charles Adelbert, Sylvia Pauline, and Clifford Leroy.

James married Barbara Valentine Willing on 22 July 1918 in Detroit, Michigan.

They had three children: Violet M. House, James Milton House and Walter T. House.

James died in 1960 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.


  • Name Variant: Honse [Michigan Marriage Transcription]
  • Variant: Death: 1964
  • Marriage: Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
Groom's Name: James M. Honse
Groom's Age: 20 years
Groom's Birth Date: 1898
Groom's Birthplace: Mich.
Bride's Name: Barbara Williang
Bride's Age: 18 years
Bride's Birth Date: 1900
Bride's Birthplace: Mich.
Marriage Date: 22 Jul 1918
Marriage Place: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Groom's Father: J. M.
Groom's Mother: ...mma Hunn
Bride's Father: Joh
Bride's Mother: ...atherine Eskers
Film Number: 2342729
Digital Folder Number: 4209974
Image Number: 55
Reference Number: v 7 p 50 rn 164508
  • 1910 Federal Census, Detroit Ward 8, Wayne, Michigan, 410 Howard St.
Surline, John, 29
, Emma, 33
, Evelyn M. 6
, Myrtle B., 2
, Lillian, 0
Howes, Raymond C., 14
Howes, Millore, 12
  • 1920 Federal Census, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, Part A, District 8, enumerated 17th Jan 1920:
Elmore, Walter, head
, Eveline, wife, female, white, 18, married, MI, MI, MI
Howse, James, brotherinlaw, male, white, 22, married, MI, MI, MI, Toolmaker
, Barbara, sisterinlaw, male, white, 19, married, MI, OH, Germany
, Violet, female, white, 7/12, single, MI, MI, MI
  • 1930 Federal Census, Wayne Co., Michigan
, House, James M., head, male, white, married, 32, MI, MI, MI
, Barbara, wife, female, white, married, 30, MI, OH, Ger
, Violet M., daughter, female, white, single, 10, MI, MI, MI
, James, son, male, white, single, 8, MI, MI, MI
, Walter T., son, male, white, single, 2, MI, MI, MI
  • Family Records of Myrtle Howse Ward
  • Note: Irene House says he had only one leg.