Jesse Truman Powell (1888-1972)

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Jesse Truman Powell
Jesse Truman Powell
Born: 11 Apr 1888 Gunlock, Washington, Utah
Died: 16 May 1972 Green River, Utah
Father: John Powell
Mother: Martha Ann Truman
Siblings: John Franklin Powell
Jesse Truman Powell
Nathaniel Ashby Powell
Spouse: (1) Blanche Bills
Married: 17 Oct 1910 Richfield, Utah
Children: Annie Arvilla Powell
Spouse: (2) Hazel Ralphs
Married: 23 Dec 1920 Ferron, Utah
Children: Norma Blanch Powell
John Ralphs Powell
Eda Mae Powell
Molly Powell
Jesse Truman Powell

Jesse Truman Powell was born Wednesday, April 11, 1888, at Gunlock, Washington County, Utah, son of John Powell and Martha Ann Truman. He was the second of three sons in the family. He is the only child of these parents to grow to maturity.

Shortly after he was born, Jesse's parents moved from Washington County to Fillmore, Millard County, Utah. Here Jesse attended school, learned and grew. When Jesse was almost four his mother, Martha Ann, died. His 70 year-old father was left to take care of the children. On Monday, June 8, 1896, Jesse was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by his father, John Powell

Another event occurred when Jesse was eight years old. His little brother, Nat, died. The newspaper reported the death in a nasty, judgemental article.

In 1902, when Jesse was fourteen years old, his father, John Powell passed away as well. Jesse probably moved in with his older step-brother or sister, who had both already married by that time. Jesse became a farmer and moved away from Fillmore.

In Sevier County, Jesse met and courted Blanche Bills. Blanche was the daughter of Lemuel Worthington Bills and Nancy Shaw. Jesse and Blanche were married Monday, October 17, 1910, in Richfield, Sevier County, Utah. Blanche was 16 years old and Jesse was 22. Blanche and Jesse had one daughter, born in Sigurd, Sevier, Utah:

  • Annie Arvilla Powell

Unfortunately, Blanche suffered an accidental death on Friday, September 20, 1918. She was 24. Her untimely death left her 30 year old husband to care for their young daughter.

About this time, Jesse moved to Emery County where he settled in Green River. It was in Emery County that Jesse met and courted Hazel Ralphs. Hazel was the daughter of John Heber Ralphs and Eda Hansen. They were married Thursday, December 23, 1920, in Ferron, Emery, Utah. Jesse was 32 and Hazel was 24. Jesse and Hazel had five children, all of whom were born in Green River, Emery, Utah. They were:

  • Norma Blanch Powell
  • John Ralphs Powell
  • Eda Mae Powell
  • Molly Powell
  • Jesse Truman Powell

Because Jesse settled in Green River, contact with his Ashby/Powell family back in Millard County was limited. He worked as a laborer and farmer most of his life.

Jesse Truman Powell died Tuesday, May 16, 1972,at Green River. He was 84 years, 1 month and 5 days old. His second wife and six of his seven children survived him.


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Family of Jesse Truman Powell & Hazel Ralphs
Submitted by Mrs. Norma Powell Tandy
Occupation: Laborer-Farmer