John Jefford Ashby (1845-1893)

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John Jefford Ashby
Born: 9 Dec 1845 Nauvoo, Illinois
Died: 17 Sep 1893 Loss Creek, Sevier, Utah
Father: Nathaniel Ashby
Mother: Susan Hammond
Siblings: Robert Reed Ashby
Benjamin Ashby
Susan Ann Ashby
Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby
Martha Ellen Ashby
Harriet Maria Ashby
Nathaniel Ashby
Richard H. Ashby
William Hardin Ashby
Mary Jane Ashby
Emma Smith Ashby
John Jefford Ashby
Spouse: (1) Susannah Felshaw
Married: 15 Nov 1869 Salt Lake City, Utah
Spouse: (2) Agusta Perkins
Married: 29 Mar 1886


Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Burt McBride Family of: William Felshaw & Mary Harriet Gilbert
  • Note: Black, Susan Easton. Membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 1830-1848, vol 2, pp. 621-624 suggests that he was rebaptized 1 Nov 1862, and also that he was endowed on 27 Aug 1867, or 15 Nov 1869. This listing also provided his marriage and burial data.
  • Ashby, Robert L. Holden, Utah Early History, pp. 41-42, 135, 137-139.
  • 1860 Federal Census, Utah Territory, Great Salt Lake County, 13th Ward, Great Salt Lake City, p. #12, Dwelling #69:
Ashby, Richard
, John, 13, male, Mass
  • 1880 Federal Census, Fillmore, Millard, Utah
Ashby, John J., head, male, married, white, 34, IL, Farmer, MA, MA
, Susanna, wife, female, married, white, 29, IA, Keeping House, NY, NY
, John, son, male, single, white, 7, UT, IL, IA
, Mary R., daughter, female, single, white, 1, UT, IL, IA