Karl Bruno Kube (1893-1978)

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Karl Bruno (Chudobba) Kube
Oberbootsmanns Matt Kube, ca 1918
Born: 6 Jul 1893 Riesenburg, Germany
Died: 10 Jan 1978 Bickenbach, N. Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Father: Johann Adolph Chudobba
Mother: Justine Henriette Chudobi
Siblings: Maria Chudobba
Gustav Julius Chudobba
Helene Emma Chudobba
Johann Adolph Chudobba
Paul Chudobba Kube
Emma Chudobba
Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Karl Bruno Kube
Spouse: Alma Elmo
Married: 8 Mar 1919 Germany
Children: Hans Kube
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On Jan 10, 1978 after a short but severe sickness, our dear father, father-in-law, grandfather, and partner in life, Karl Bruno Kube died at the age of 85 years.

In silent mourning; Karlheinz Kube and wife Marguerite, Krista and Hans Kube, Mrs. Aenne Nieting.

1977 Karl Catob & Karl Kube in Germany


  • Howse, Joanne Marie Heinz:
Karl was married to Alma in Riesenberg, Germany on 8 Mar 1919. Her maiden name was Elmo. Karl was very attached to his older brother, Hans (John Catob). He came to this country to meet his brother's family. Very nice man!
When asked if he knew the family genealogy, he said he'd send the pedigree that he obtained in East Germany before the wall came down, by special privilege, because of his government position as head of Education in West Germany (in Marineburg (sp) West Prussia). After World War II that town was given to Russia or Poland and the family was expelled from the area and moved to West Germany. All of the genealogical material from John Catob back, came from the Hitler lists proving they were not Jewish.
Karl was a submarine sailor in WW I. He lost a leg in an accident, whether in the military or not we don't know. Uncle Karl loved to sing the old German songs. He sang most of a night with Aunt Johanna Schwerdtfeger while visiting Michigan. Karl lived in "Marineborg" before war. Karl lived in Bidkenbach, Toenisheide, W. Ger. his last several years. He collected stamps in his later years.