Mabel Hunn (1895-1896)

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Mabel Hunn
Born: 28 Jul 1895 Corwith Twp., Michigan
Died: 19 Dec 1896 Corwith Twp., Michigan
Father: Amasa James M. Hunn
Mother: Carrie A. Newman
Siblings: Henry Giddin Hunn
Emaline Amanda Hunn
William Hunn
John Morris Nelson Hunn
Mary A. Hunn
Juliette Bertha Hunn
Athel Oren Andrew Hunn
Alfred Arthur Ellis Hunn
Lillian Eva Mae Hunn
Mabel Hunn

Mabel Hunn was born July 28, 1895 at Corwith Twp., Otsego, Michigan to Amasa James M. Hunn and Carrie A. Newman.

Her siblings are Henry Giddin, Emaline Amanda, William, John Morris Nelson, Mary A., Juliette Bertha, Athel Oren Andrew, Alfred Arthur Ellis and Lillian Eva Mae.

Mabel died December 19, 1896 at Corwith Twp., Otsego Michigan.


  • Birth: Michigan Births, 1867-1902
Name: Mabell Hunn
Birth Date: 28 Jul 1895
Birthplace: Corwith Township, Otsego, Michigan
Gender: Female
Father's Name: Amasa Hunn
Father's Birthplace: Mich
Mother's Name: Carrie Hunn
Mother's Birthplace: Mich
  • Death: Otsego County, Michigan, Death Record, page 30, #21:
Date of Death: Dec. 19, 1896
Full Name of Deceased: Mable Hunn
Sex: female
Color: white
Married or single: single
Age: 1 year 6 months old
Place of Death: Corwith
Disease: Pneumonia
Birth Place: Corwith
Occupation: --
Parents Name: Amasa Hunn and Carrie Hunn
Parents residence: both of Mich.