Maria Chudobba (1876-1935)

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Maria Chudobba
Maria Chudobba
Born: 1876 Riesenwald, Germany
Died: 1935 Riesenburg, Germany
Father: Johann Adolph Chudobba
Mother: Justine Henriette Chudobi
Siblings: Maria Chudobba
Gustav Julius Chudobba
Helene Emma Chudobba
Johann Adolph Chudobba
Paul Chudobba Kube
Emma Chudobba
Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Karl Bruno Kube

Maria Chudobba was born in 1876 in Riesenwald, West Preussen, Germany.

Her parents are Johann Adolph Chudobba and Justine Henriette Chudobi.

Her siblings are Gustav Julius Chudobba, Helene Emma Chudobba, Johann Adolph Chudobba, Paul Chudobba Kube, Emma Chudobba, Karl Bruno Kube and Friedrich Carl Chudobba.

She was a business woman and never married.

Maria died in 1935 in Risenburg, West Preussen, Germany.


  • Family Records of Arnold L. Howse:
Information known by Maria Chudobba Kochanowsky said that Maria never married and was a successful business lady.