Paul Chudobba Kube (1883-1948)

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Paul (Chudobba) Kube
Paul, grandson Manuel & Martha, ca. 1960
Born: 1883 Riesenberg, Germany
Died: 1948 Bochum, Germany
Father: Johann Adolph Chudobba
Mother: Justine Henriette Chudobi
Siblings: Maria Chudobba
Gustav Julius Chudobba
Helene Emma Chudobba
Johann Adolph Chudobba
Paul Chudobba Kube
Emma Chudobba
Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Karl Bruno Kube
Spouse: Martha
Married: abt 1905 Germany
Children: Heinz Kube
Helga Kube


  • Howse, Joanne Marie Heinz Howse Best-Mar26,2005.paf file
  • Source: Maria Chudobba Kochonowsky:
Maria said that Uncle Paul was a high ranking policeman in Bochum, Germany. Maria said that Aunt Martha was very kind she invited Maria to spend the summer with her family in 1947 after Maria had endured much trauma related to the war. She was a fun lady according to Maria.