Rodney Carlos Ashby (1880-1904)

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Rodney Carlos Ashby
Born: 12 Dec 1880, St. George, Utah
Died: 1 Nov 1904, Fillmore, Utah
Father: Nathaniel Ashby
Mother: Martha Ann Truman
Siblings: Richard Truman Ashby
Jacob Henry Ashby
Elizabeth Ann Ashby
Alice May Ashby
Emma Luella Ashby
Rodney Carlos Ashby
Spouse: Jennie Warner
Married: 9 Jun 1901, Manti, Utah
Children: Rodney Truman Ashby
Enid Ashby

Rodney Carlos Ashby was born Sunday, December 12, 1880, in St. George, Washington, Utah, the son of Nathaniel and Martha Ann Truman Ashby. He was the youngest of the family. He became acquainted with sorrow early in life when three older siblings and his father died before he turned two.

Rodney's mother, Martha, remarried in 1885. Rodney's new father was John Powell. In 1888 his life changed dramatically when the Powell/Ashby family moved to Fillmore. John Powell had been on a Temple Mission to St. George when he met and married Martha. His home and family were in Fillmore. As a result, Powell eventually moved his new family from St. George back to Fillmore.

Rodney became an older brother when his step-brothers were born. His first little brother, John Franklin, was born and died in 1886. Later, Jesse and little Nat were born. Rodney was baptized and confirmed by John Powell Thursday, December 13, 1888 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah. Rodney attended school in Fillmore with his brothers and sister.

Rodney grew up and became a farmer and mail carrier in Millard County. He met and courted Jennie Warner, daughter of Jedidiah Morgan Grant Warner and Julia Russell. They were married Wednesday, January 9, 1901 in the Manti Temple. It was probably through his father-in-law that Rodney became a mail carrier, since Jed Warner had a mail contract. Rodney and Jennie had two children, both born in Fillmore, Rodney Truman and Enid Ashby.

Rodneys life was cut short when he died at age 23, on Tuesday, November 1, 1904. He left behind his wife and two small children.


  • LDS Family Group Records Collection (Patron Section) Submitter:
Mr. William Truman Ashby Family of:
Rodney Carlos Ashby & Jennie Warner Occupation: Farmer
  • Sorensen, Carole Gates. Warner Manor, pp. 250, 251.
  • Ashby, Robert L. Ashby Ancestry, page 31:
Children of Nathaniel ASHBY and his wife,
Martha Ann (Truman) ASHBY
Rodney Carlos, Born December 12, 1880, married Jennie Warner
  • Baptism: Rogers, Sadie, Editor. John Powell's Journal, 1849-1901, p. 151:
Dec. 13th [1888], I baptized Rodney Ashby and confirmed him same day.
  • Baptism variant: 12 Dec 1889 [Archive record]
  • Marriage: Western States Marriage Record Index:
ID Number: 213241
Groom: Rodney C. Ashby
Age: 20
Bride: Jennie Warner
Age: 19
Married: 9 Jan 1901, Manti
County of Record: Millard, Utah Volume/Page: v. B, p. 162
  • Burial: Lichfield, Beulah Menlove. Cemetery Records, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah , p. 2:
Name: ASHBY, Rodney Carlos
Born: (age at death 23 yrs) at St George, Utah
Died: 1 Nov 1904
Buried: Block 141, lot 3
Reported by: Frank Warner
Comments: Was married Had lived in Fillmore 16 years Mail carrier
  • Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 A pr 1990, p. 9:
ASHBY, Rodney Carlos
BLK 141, Lot 3, Grave 8
b. 12-12-1881 d. 11-01-1904