Susan Hammond (1808-1851)

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Susan Hammond Ashby Noble
Ashby, Susan Hammond Headstone.jpg
Born: 28 Aug 1808 Marblehead, Massachusetts
Died: 15 May 1851 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: Edward Hammond
Mother: Rebecca Flack
Siblings: Edward Hammond
William Hammond
Rebecca H. Hammon
Edward Hammond
Vicory Hammond
John Hammond
Richard Hammond
Susan Hammond
Elizabeth Hammond
Spouse: (1) Nathaniel Ashby
Married: 30 Nov 1826 Salem, Massachusetts
Children: Robert Reed Ashby
Benjamin Ashby
Susan Ann Ashby
Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby
Martha Ellen Ashby
Harriet Maria Ashby
Nathaniel Ashby
Richard H. Ashby
William Hardin Ashby
Mary Jane Ashby
Emma Smith Ashby
John Jefford Ashby
Spouse: (2) Joseph Bates Noble
Married: 11 Feb 1847 Winter Quarters, Nebraska
Children: Louisa Adeline Noble

Susan Hammond was born 28 August 1808 at Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, daughter of Edward Hammond and Rebecca Flack. This lovely lady grew to womanhood in the town of her birth. The ancestors of Susan had been among the earliest settlers of Maine. Her family had given to Susan a fine heritage.

Susan married Nathaniel Ashby on 30 November 1826 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.

They are the parents of Robert Reed, Benjamin, Susan Ann, Elizabeth Rebecca, Martha Ellen, Harriet Maria, Nathaniel, Richard H., William Hardin, Mary Jane, Emma Smith and John Jefford Ashby.

The Ashbys were converted to Mormonism by Elder Erastus Snow who was then laboring as a missionary in the Eastern States. The Ashby family moved to Nauvoo, Illinois in 1843. During the early 1840's the Nauvoo Temple was being rushed to completion. The Ashby family gave generously of their substance toward this wonderful cause. Susan had woven two rugs, one with a wreath of roses and one with a basket of flowers. These, together with a beautiful Brussels carpet, went into the Nauvoo Temple.

When the great western exodus began the Nathaniel Ashby's were among that devoted band that started West. Soon after leaving Nauvoo Nathaniel Ashby died September 23, 1846, three years after their youngest daughter was born on the plains near Bonaparte, Iowa.

The family continued on to Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska where Susan married Joseph Bates Noble on 11 February 1847. Susan and family remained in Winter Quarters during the Winter and Spring of 1847-48.

In Jun 1848 Susan and her children started West and traveled in Erastus Snow's company to the Salt Lake Valley. On arrival they were met by Joseph B. Noble and taken into one of his homes in the North Fort. Here they were kindly received by Mary Noble and here the Ashby family lived for some time.

In Nov 9, 1849, a daughter named Louisa Adeline Noble was born to Susan and Joseph Bates Noble.

In Feb 1851 when Mary Noble died, Susan Ashby Noble took into her home the three motherless children of Mary and gave to them loving care. But Susan was not to live long herself. She passed away 15 May 1851 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.


  • Name variant: Susanna [sealing record]
  • Black, Susan W. E. Early LDS Membership Data (Infobases, 1995): Comments:
Susan's parents were converted in 1841. Susan in her journal writes observations of Joseph Smith. She wrote of her feelings of the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. She also described the inner furnishings and decorations of the Nauvoo Temple. [This is actually referring to a biography written by her daughter, Louisa Noble.--SDR]
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  • Marriage: Salem Vital Records, vol 3: Marriages, p. 62.
  • Marriage variant: 11 Nov 1826 [Infobases]
  • Patriarchal Blessing: FHL Film #392634, Index to Blessings:
Name: Ashby, Susan
Born: 28 Aug 1808 Marblehead, Essex, Mass
Father: Edward Hammond
Mother: Rebecca
Blessed: 30 Dec 1843
Place: Lineage: Patriarch: Hyram Smith
Recorded: Vol. 41, Page 171 (111?)
  • Patriarchal Blessing: FHL Film #392634, Index to Blessings:
Name: Ashby, Susan
Born: 28 Aug 1808 Essex Co., Mass
Father: Edmund Hammond
Mother: Rebecca Hammond
Blessed: 9 May 1845
Place: Nauvoo, Illinois
Lineage: Patriarch: John Smith
Recoded: Vol. 9, Page 142
  • Endowment: Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, p. 74.
  • Sealing: FHL Film #183374 Official Temple Record microfilm, Sealings - Nauvoo, 1846, p. 151 :
Name: Nathaniel Ashby
Event: Birth
Date: 15 Apr 1805
Place: Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Husband: Nathaniel Ashby
Wife: Susanna Hammond
Sealing to Spouse: 3 Feb 1846 Nauvoo Temple
  • 2nd Marriage: Badger, Louisa Adeline Noble. A Sketch of the Life of Susan Hammond Ashby Noble, p. 9: "my mother having married him [Joseph B. Noble] in Winter Quarters, Feb. 11th 1847."
  • 1850 Federal Census, Deseret, Great Salt Lake County Page #160, Dwelling #569, Family # 569:
Ashby, Susan, 43, female, 100, Mass
, William, 10, male, Mass
, Mary, 8, female, Mass
, Emma, 7, female, Mass
, John, 6, male, Illinois
, Louisa, 1, female, Deseret