Zina Ashby (1879-1937)

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Zina Ashby
Born: 18 Mar 1879 St. George, Utah
Died: 16 Aug 1937 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: Nathaniel Ashby
Mother: Mary Virginia Garr
Siblings: Mary Virginia Ashby
Nathaniel Ashby
Benjamin Franklin Ashby
George William Ashby
Louise Adaline Ashby
Briant Hammond Ashby
Charlotta Maria Ashby
Robert Turner Ashby
Zina Ashby
Paulina Ashby
Spouse: William Franklin Snow
Married: 15 Mar 1898 St. George, Utah
Children: Female Snow
Hilda Snow
Keith M. Snow
Mary Virginia Snow
Franklin Garr Snow
Erma Snow

Zina Ashby was born March 18, 1879 at St. George, Washington county, Utah, daughter of Nathaniel Ashby and Mary Virginia Garr.

She is a sister of Mary Virginia, Nathaniel, Benjamin Franklin, George William, Louise Adaline, Briant Hammond, Charlotta Maria, Robert Turner and Paulina Ashby.

Zina married William Franklin Snow on March 15, 1898 at St. George, Washington county, Utah.

Their children are Female Snow, Hilda, Keith M., Mary Virginia, Franklin Garr and Erma Snow.

Zina died on the 16 August 1937 at Salt Lake City, Utah.


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Children of Nathaniel ASHBY and his wife,
Mary Virginia (Garr) ASHBY
Zina, Born March 18, 1879, married William Franklin Snow
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Ashby, Nathaniel
, Zina, daughter, single, female, 1, UT, MA, IN
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