Lucretia Proctor Robison Biography (1841-1929)


Lucretia Proctor Robison Biography (1841-1929)

Lucretia Proctor Robison Biography (1841-1929)

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Lucretia Proctor Robison Biography (1841-1929)

Born: 18 May 1841 Schroeple, New York
Died: 24 May 1929 Snowflake, Arizona
Father: Joseph Robison
Mother: Lucretia Hancock
Siblings: Alfred Robison
Benjamin Hancock Robison
Joseph Vickery Robison
Alvin Locke Robison
Emily Robison
William Henry Robison
Mary Robison
Lucretia Proctor Robison
Proctor Hancock Robison
Almon Robison
Albert Robison
Adelia Robison
Franklin Alonzo Robison
Spouse: James Clark Owens
Married: 16 Jan 1856 Fillmore, Utah
Children: James Clark Owens
Marion Alfred Owens
Lucretia Adelphia Owens
Clarence Edward Owens
Elsie Abigail Owens
Joseph Alonzo Owens
Mary Amelia Owens
John Owens
Lillis Alvira Owens
Zina Owens
Franklin Horace Owens
Adelia Lucretia Owens


Lucretia Proctor Robison Biography (1841-1929)

Based upon Lucretia Lyman Ranney’s sketch in American Ancestry of Joseph Robison and his wife Lucretia Hancock, pp. 11-12:

Lucretia Proctor Robison was the eighth child and third daughter (the first to reach maturity) of Joseph Robison and Lucretia Hancock. She was born 18 May 1841 in Schroeple, Oswego, New York.

There is no town by the name of Schroeple in New York now. Uncle Alvin says it was the name of the Township where they lived and also the name of the man they purchased their land from. I think it must have been close to the town of Phoenix, Oswego, New York now.

Lucretia came with her parents to Fillmore, Utah in August 1854 where she married 16 January 1856, James Clark Owens, They lived in Fillmore until about 1880 when they moved to Woodruff, Arizona.

Lucretia and James had 12 children: James Clark, Marion Alfred, Lucretia Adelphia, Clarence Edward, Elsie Abigail, Joseph Alonzo, Mary Amelia, John, Lillis Alvira, Zina, Franklin Horace and Adelia Lucretia.

The first ten were born in Fillmore, Utah and the last two were born in Woodruff, Arizona.

Lucretia died at Snowflake, Arizona on 24 May 1929 and is buried in Woodruff, Arizona.


Lucretia Proctor Robison Biography (1841-1929)


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Number: 11
Male: James Clark Owens
Female: Lucretia Robison
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Married: 16 Jan 1856 (at Fillmore), by Brigham Young
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ID Number: 251123
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Owens, Lucretia P., Head, F, W, 68, Wd, 12 children, 7 living, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, none
  • Death variant: 24 May 1937 [Sweeting binder]


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