Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)


Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)

Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)

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Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)

Born: 11 Sep 1836 Kirtland, Ohio
Died: 29 Jan 1907 Fillmore, Utah
Father: Reuben McBride
Mother: Mary Ann Anderson
Siblings: Helen Venera McBride
Harriet Eliza McBride
Reuben Augustus McBride
Mary Louisa McBride
Roy Hyrum McBride
Emma Jerutia McBride
John Newton McBride
Laura Abigail McBride
Alice Melissa McBride
Jeff Davies
Spouse: (1) Harriet Columbia Williams
Married: 23 Dec 1855 Fillmore, Utah
Children: Charles Reuben McBride
Roy Wesley McBride
Harriet May McBride
Mary Columbia McBride
John Sheridan McBride
Spouse: (2) Sarah Hannah Williams
Married: 26 Sep 1868 Salt Lake City, Utah


Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)

Day, Stella H., ed. Builders of Early Millard, pp. 465-466:


Reuben Augustus McBride, son of Reuben and Mary Ann McBride was born in Holland, New York, March 12, 1838 and spent the first seventeen years of his life in Kirkland, Ohio, where his father Reuben McBride Sr. was busy doing work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

After many trials in Nauvoo, and the midwest, the father brought the family to Utah. They first lived in Farmington, then later moved to Springville. Brigham Young later sent the Reuben McBride family to Fillmore to help build the Capitol of the Territory.

In 1857 Reuben married Harriet Columbia Williams, December 23, 1855, Reuben was nineteen years old and Columbia was seventeen years old. There had been ten children in the Williams family, but only four children survived to reach Utah.

Five years later when Columbia’s mother died the baby of the family Sarah, or Sadie as she was called, came to live with Columbia and Reuben and was raised as their own child.

Like his father Reuben served a mission to England for the Mormon Church. His father practiced law, and Reuben followed in his footsteps and became a practicing lawyer.

When Sadie turned sixteen years old, despite of the fact that she had been raised as a child of Reuben and Columbia, Reuben took Sadie to Salt Lake and married her as his second wife. Columbia was broken-hearted and never did feel the same toward Reuben again.

Columbia worked in the Relief Society, took care of the sick and helped to layout the dead, made clothing for the mourners and helped them through their trials, as she was always willing to share whatever she had, with those less fortunate than she.

Reuben was also an Indian Agent for the U.S. Government, post master and Justice of the Peace. Reuben died in Fillmore in 1908 at the age of seventy. Columbia lived until Feb. 8, 1917.

Columbia kept a home for her children after Reuben married Sadie, however she never again lived with him as husband and wife. Reuben lived with Sadie in a small house right next to Columbia’s home, but Reuben ate and slept at Sadie’s house, since she had no children.


Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)

The Progress – Review, Fillmore, Utah, Friday, February 1, 1907, p. 1:

One of Fillmore’s Earliest Pioneers Gone

Reuben August Mc Bride, departed this life at his residence in Fillmore, last Tuesday night. He was the son of Reuben and Mary Ann Anderson Mc Bride, and was born in Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio, Sept. 11, 1836.

His parents having become identified with the Mormon Church soon after its organization, young Reuben was born and raised in that church, and with his father’s family came to Utah in the year 1852, stopped at Springville the first winter, and came to Fillmore the following spring, where Reuben A. has resided ever since.

He filled a mission to England from 1860 until late in 1862, and always remained loyal to the church of which he was a life long member. Politically, the deceased was an ardent Republican, and was an active politician.

He had for many years been a practicing attorney, and had held the offices of Postmaster, Sheriff, and at the time of his death was Fillmore’s City Attorney.

The deceased leaves two wives: Columbia and Sarah Williams; and four children; Charles R. of Tooele, Hattie Carling, Mary C. Melville, and John S., of Fillmore. One son, Ray W., had preceded him many years ago.

Owing to quarantine regulation, no public funeral could be held, but the last rites were quietly performed yesterday.


Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)

The Progress – Review, Fillmore, Utah, Friday, February 8, 1907, p. 4:

To the Memory of Reuben A. McBride
Scipio, Jan. 7, 1907 I have known him since the early days of Fillmore. He was a comrade of mine since 1855 in Capt. Standage’s company. He used to answer roll call every morning, herd cattle days and guard cattle and forts nights.

He was true to the authorities of the church and the kingdom. Was true to his friends and kindred. He never knew what fear was. Would face the cannon’s mouth if duty required it.

Was Col. Callister’s right hand man in time of peace or war. He was always on hand at every call. I feel to extend my sympathy to his family and kindred. Very respectfully, Daniel Thompson


Reuben Augustus McBride Biography | Reuben Augustus McBride (1836-1907)


  • Birth variations:
10 Apr 1836
12 Mar 1838, Holland, NY [Builders, p. 465]
  • Marriage: Rogers, Sarah. Fillmore Branch Registration, p. 3: :Number: 23
Male: Reuben A. McBride
Female: Harriet Columbia Williams
Registered: 2 Mar 1859, by John Kelly
Married: 23 Dec 1855 (at Fillmore), by Brigham Young
  • Marriage: FamilySearch IGI, Extracted Marriage Record, Salt Lake Co., Utah:
Groom: Reuben Augustus Mc Bride
Bride: Sarah Williams
Married: 26 Sep 1868 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
  • 1870 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Town: Fillmore, Enumerated 27 Jun 1870, page 17, Dwelling 146, Family 135:
MCBRIDE, Reuben A., 33, m, w, Cattle Dealer, 1150/1350, Ohio, vote

, Harriet C., 31, f, w, Keeping House, N.Y.
, Charles, 14, m, w, At School, Utah
, Roy, 12, m, w, At School, Utah
, Mary, 3, f, w, At Home, Utah
, May, 5, f, w, At Home, Utah
  • 1880 Federal Census, Fillmore, Millard, Utah, Page 463D:
MCBRIDE, Reuben A., Head, Male, Md, White, 43, Justice of Peace, OH, NY, NY

, Columbia H., Wife F M, White, 42, Keeping House, NY, VT, —
, Sarah H., Wife F M, White, 28, Keeping House, IA, VT, —
, Harriet M., Daughter, Female, Single, White, 15, At Home, UT, OH, NY
, Mary C., Daughter, Female, Single, White, 12, At Home, UT, OH, NY
, John S., Son, Male, Single, White, 8, At School, UT, OH, NY
  • Burial: Lichfield, Beulah Menlove. Cemetery Records, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, p. 45:
Name: McBRIDE, Ruben A.
Born: in Kirtland, Ohio
Age at Death: 70 yrs 8 mo 18 da
Died: 29 Jan 1907
Buried: Block 101, Lot 4
Reported by: C. H. McBride
Comments: Lived in Fillmore 55 yrs. Was an Attorney-at-law
  • Fillmore City Corporation. Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990 , p. 33:
MC BRIDE, Reuben, A. BLK 101, Lot 4, Grave 1 b. d. 1-29-1908
  • Death variant: 29 Jan 1908 [cemetery single line list]
  • Black, Susan W. E. Early LDS Membership Data (Infobases, 1995): :Comments:
In 1870 Reuben had a household of 6, real wealth of $1150 and personal wealth of $1350.
Reuben is listed on the Daily Log of Persons at Nauvoo, Illinois.
Vocation: Cattle Dealer; 1870
  • Day, Stella H., ed. Builders of Early Millard, pp. 123, 465-466, 468.
  • McBride, Virginia. Charles R. McBride Memorial, pp. 20, 22-28.
  • Deseret News, Wednesday, 18 Feb 1942, p. 16, Obituary: McBride, John Sheridan


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