101 Sad Twitter Quotes | Sad Twitter Quotes about Relationships | Sad Twitter Quotes about Friends


This article will list 101 Sad Twitter Quotes. This particular collection of tweets expresses the feelings and thoughts of those who have experienced different types of sadness. Whether it has been a huge loss, a breakup, or an injury, these quotes capture the moods and emotions that come with such events.

101 Sad Twitter Quotes - Sad Twitter Quotes about Relationships - Sad Twitter Quotes about Friends

The saddest part is that all such sad moments seem to be going on right now without us. It seems as if we are living in a time where everyone is lonely and nobody knows what to say because even saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t seem to help anymore.

Hopefully it’s just a phase, and soon enough they’ll find the courage to move on with their lives. Perfectionism takes up residence in your brain, and it will never let go of you. It will drag you down, reminding you that every moment is not perfect, every word not spoken is not the best decision, every friendship is not over. You have to be realistic. There are no perfect people. There are no perfect situations. Life isn’t always easy… but it does get better!

Here’s the list of 101 Sad Twitter Quotes:

1 – 25 of 101 Sad Twitter Quotes

1. “I didn’t choose to be sad, it chose me and I love it.” – Jessica McHugh (@JessieMcHugh)

2. “I’m 20 minutes late because the only thing that would make me wake up this early is the thought of missing out on my sorrows.” – Unknown

3. “I was thinking I was happy but all I’ve been doing is sitting in this prison of sadness, trying to convince myself that I’m free. It’s not working.” – Unknown

4. “The saddest part is, if you are true to yourself the thoughts are not the thoughts of your own brain but the ones of other brains that have come overjoyed into your life.” – Marilynne Robinson

5. “Before facebook, before twitter, before instagram, before snapchat, before all the modern technologies that make us too lazy to go out and explore the world, I used to embrace life.” – Unknown

6. “Sobbing softly on the floor is a treasure you only find once in a lifetime.” – Unknown

7. “Vulnerability is like a muscle: if you don’t use it, it weakens and eventually disappears.” – Unknown

8. “Waking up sad is a blessing because sadness is a reminder of what you want to change in your life.” – Unknown

9. “I’m trying to be strong, but I’m losing my grip, and I’m lonely at the top.” – Ed Sheeran

10. “I wish people knew that being the incredibly sad person who sits quietly in a corner of a party or social gathering is not ‘cool.” – Unknown

11. “When I look at all the great people who have lived before me, it makes me wonder, what is wrong with me?” – Unknown

12. “I love that in this day and age when everything can be said in 140 characters or less, I’m expected to feel because crying makes me look weak.” – Unknown

13. “I think I can stand as a representation of how social media is not real life.” – Unknown

14. “The saddest part of life is seeing those we love, love those we don’t.” – Unknown

15. “When you’re sad and alone, there’s one person you always call, and that’s the person who could never be there for you.” – Unknown

16. “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

17. “The saddest moment of my life was when I realized I was never going to grow up.” – Unknown

18. “It’s not easy being perfect… but it’s worth it.” – Unknown

19. “Growing up, I always thought that if everyone truly knew me, then no one would want to be friends with me.” – Unknown

20. “I don’t mind being sad because sadness is a privilege that few get to experience in their lifetime.” – Unknown

21. “When you are truly happy, happiness doesn’t need explanation or justification.” – Unknown

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22. “The saddest part of falling in love is realizing it’s over as soon as you do.” – Unknown

23. “My life is a fast food restaurant where, once you’ve grown tired of the fake smiles and the fake laughs, all you have to look forward to is a burger that tastes like cardboard.” – Unknown

24. “There will always be a sadness that reminds us that we are all imperfectly imperfect beings, but still worthy of love.” – Unknown

25. “I don’t know what happiness feels like, because I am always sad.” – Unknown

26 – 50 of 101 Sad Twitter Quotes:

26. “Sadness is something that can be conquered, but no one wants to do the work.” – Unknown

27. “You know that thing where you’re walking down the street and you see someone sad and you wish they felt the way you did? That’s why I write sad things.” – Unknown

28. “When people tell me they got over a breakup by moving on with their lives, I look at them and I wonder if they really knew what they were getting into.” – Unknown

29. “Life’s like a party, and part of it is missing out on all this sadness. That’s like not having to eat your peas in front of everyone.” – Unknown

30. “Sometimes, the people you want to be with, know that about you and that’s why they can’t be there for you.” – Unknown

31. “Get yourself a boyfriend who looks like Ryan Gosling and says things like ‘I need to check my insta…’” – Unknown

32. “When people make it a point to mention your sadness in a conversation, I recommend you walk away immediately.” – Unknown

33. “The saddest moment of my life is when I realized that all the terrible things happening in the world were happening because humans take life too seriously.” – Unknown

34. “I know I’m not perfect. In fact, most of the time I find myself to be severely imperfect. But I’ve never been more aware of my own shortcomings than now.” – Tyler Oakley

35. “The hardest part about growing up is accepting that you’ll never be as happy as your youth.” – Unknown

36. “Being sad is a curse you can learn to live with, but growing up is a curse you don’t deserve.” – Unknown

37. “When people say they ‘hate’ some part of them, what they mean by it is that some part of them hates themselves… and it doesn’t help to hate yourself more.” – Unknown

38. “Life isn’t a fairy tale, but there’s no reason to live in a nightmare.” – Unknown

39. “No one really knows what’s going on in the mind of someone else, so accepting people for who they are is the best thing you can do for them.” – Unknown

40. “The saddest part of life is showing who you really are and expecting others to be okay with it when they’re not.” – Unknown

41. “Being sad is a right that we often take advantage of in order to avoid being happy.” – Unknown

42. “You don’t have to be a quitter every time love dies. You just have to know when to fall in love again.” – Unknown

43. “They say life is a beautiful thing, but you better live it before it’s gone.” – Unknown

44. “It’s so hard being sad and being alone because sometimes people feel so bad for you that they kind of keep away from you.” – Unknown

45. “The saddest part about growing up is that you realize you’ll never be as happy as that little kid inside of you once was.” – Unknown

46. “I have taken some time to think about my life, and I know that some parts of it are the most beautiful parts of sadness I’ve ever experienced.” – Unknown

47. “No one can drag you down if you don’t allow them to.” – Unknown

48. “I’m tired of being sad because it’s not productive.” – Unknown

49. “It’s so hard being compassionate towards people who aren’t compassionate towards me.” – Unknown

50. “Sometimes, people let the bad things in life take over and they become so consumed by their sadness that they forget how to be happy.” – Unknown

Sad Twitter Quotes about Relationships:

51. “If the love isn’t there, then it’s not meant to be.” – Unknown

52. “It’s hard to know that no matter how hard you try, someone won’t give you a chance, but at least you can know that you tried your hardest.” – Unknown

53. “When your relationship has made it this far, it means something. Maybe neither one of you are ready for commitment now, but someday, maybe things will change.” – Unknown

54. “The saddest moment of my life was when I realized I’d never have my first kiss because I never got close enough to anyone to even have the chance to experience that feeling.” – Unknown

55. “If we want to feel something, we become sad. If we don’t want to feel something, we become numb.” – Unknown

56. “Being lonely and being alone are two different things.” – Unknown

57. “I find the saddest part about losing someone you love to be that nothing will ever be as amazing as it once was before you lost them completely.” – Unknown

58. “Some people just don’t know how to accept that their time is up and it’s someone else’s time to shine now.” – Unknown

59. “Sometimes, you have to break up with the person you love in order to be happy with yourself.” – Unknown

60. “You’re never going to find the perfect person. Just someone who can make you happy.” – Unknown

61. “Happiness doesn’t come without sadness, because sadness is the one that tells us that we are still alive.” – Unknown

62. “Sometimes, when people break up with each other, they actually break up with themselves.” – Unknown

63. “I think the saddest thing about life is not being able to love or be loved.” – Unknown

64. “Every time I try to leave someone, I realize that I’ve never given them a chance to love me.” – Unknown

65. “Sometimes, people don’t realize they miss someone until they stop thinking about them.” – Unknown

Twitter Life Sadness Quotes:

66. “I find myself asking myself what I’m doing life, what is the point of it?” – Unknown

67. “Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that person can love you.” – Unknown

68. “I’ve always found it easier to be sad than to be happy.” – Unknown

69. “The most important things in life are not hollowed-out dolls or things they have no purpose for. They are people.” – Unknown

70. “I think it’s sad that you can fall in love with someone and not know how to make their love for you last. So you go through life pining away for someone who doesn’t want to be pined away for.” – Unknown

Sad Twitter Quotes about Friends:

71. “There are two types of people in this world. Those who want to change the color of their skin and those who will love you no matter what natural skin tone they see.” – Unknown

72. “Sometimes, we remember the times we’ve been happy and it makes us sad, because we realize we’ll never be as happy as we were before.” – Unknown

73. “I think the most unnecessary thing in the world is friendship. You can just as well do everything alone.” – Unknown

74. “One of the most heartbreaking things about friendship is that you can’t just decide to stay friends with someone you fell out with.” – Unknown

75. “Sometimes, people you once considered your friends suddenly don’t like you anymore and you find yourself wondering why because all their attitudes and words suddenly stop making any sense.” – Unknown

76. “I think I’m going to become a hermit. No friends, no family, no nothing…or at least until I figure out what it is I am supposed to do with my life.” – Unknown

77. “I have nothing but great things to say about everybody who has ever come into my life, but some of them are so insignificant that they don’t count for anything.” – Unknown

78. “When you first fall for someone, you think the world is perfect. But after a while, you find out that there are other things in life that make this world even more beautiful.” – Unknown

79. “I sometimes think I’d be happier if I didn’t do anything. Maybe then I would be less disappointed to see people drift away from me.” – Unknown

80. “If only I could have given her more of myself, she would have found more to love in me.” – Unknown

81. “It’s so hard to believe in anything anymore…so many things are changing, and it’s so difficult to live with the fact that you can’t rely on anybody.” – Unknown

82. “It’s so hard to find someone you can trust with the most valuable thing in the world. Everyone seems to have an agenda, too.” – Unknown

83. “I am easily hurt by people, but I am even more easily hurt by myself.” – Unknown

84. “It hurts so much when you lose people you love because you feel like there is this part of your soul missing that can never be returned to you again.” – Unknown

85. “Sometimes, the person who hurts me most is myself because I’m all that I can blame for my own pain.” – Unknown

86. “The saddest thing about life is how easily it can turn on you. When you least expect it, you can lose everything and everyone all at once.” – Unknown

87. “I think that sometimes people get hurt by things that don’t hurt at all.” – Unknown

88. “Some words hurt more than the sharpest sword.” – Unknown

89. “If I ever fell in love with someone, I would fear the day when they would be gone from my life and I’d be left with nothing but memories and an empty heart to care for.” – Unknown

90. “Sadness is like a wound; it can kill you if you don’t treat it.” – Unknown

Relatable Sad Tweets: Sad Twitter Quotes

91. “When I smile, it’s fake. When I laugh, it’s fake. Everything that comes out of me is fake.” – Unknown

92. “I don’t think I can find someone who will like me for the real me, because the real me is too complicated.” – Unknown

93. “Sometimes, you remember what it felt like to be happy and you feel so stupid because it seems so far away now.” – Unknown

94. “When I’m sad, the only thing that makes sense to me is sadness.” – Unknown

95. “You learn more about people by watching them than talking to them all day long.” – Unknown

96. “When I play pretend, I like to be the one who gets hurt.” – Unknown

97. “I think it’s sad how you can’t control your own happiness based on your current state of mind.” – Unknown

98. “Sometimes, I think about how there are all these people in the world—people who act like they’re happy because they have something to live for. Then there’s me, who has nothing to live for but still acts like she’s okay.” – Unknown

99. “People say you’ve got to be strong when you’re sad, but what they don’t realize is that sometimes, it’s all you can do to just pretend that nothing is wrong.” – Unknown

100. “Sometimes, I just want to close my eyes and forget about everyone in the world. Then I remember that I’m the only one who matters.” – Unknown

101. “I think it’s sad when someone close to you dies because they never had a chance to love you back.” – Unknown

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