Charles Franklin McCandless (1882-1968)

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Charles Franklin McCandless
Charles Franklin McCandless.jpg
Born: 18 October 1882
Died: 24 December 1968
Father: Charles Robert McCandless
Mother: Martha Dodson
Siblings: Frances Ann McCandless
Magdala Margaret McCandless
Helen Forrest McCandless
Mary Elizabeth McCandless
Malinda Thomasina McCandless
Thomas M. McCandless
Nena Patsy McCandless
Charles Franklin McCandless
Catherine Berriman McCandless
Spouse: Clara Mae Oliver
Married: 5 September 1909
Children: Margaret Frances McCandless
Charles F McCandless
Spouse: Flora Margie Clark
Married: 19 November 1931

Charles Franklin McCandless was born October 18, 1882 to Charles Robert McCandless and Martha Dodson.

His siblings are Frances Ann McCandless, Magdala Margaret McCandless, Helen Forrest McCandless, Mary Elizabeth McCandless, Malinda Thomasina McCandless, Thomas M. McCandless, Nena Patsy McCandless and Catherine Berriman McCandless.

He married Clara Mae Oliver on September 5, 1909.

They had Margaret Frances McCandless and Charles F McCandless.

He married next, Flora Margie Clark on November 19, 1931.

Charles died December 24, 1968.