Cuthbert Robison (1771-)

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Cuthbert Robison
Born: 1771 of Fonda, New York
Father: James Robison
Mother: Margaret Adams
Siblings: James Robison
William Robison
Susan Robison
Joseph Robison
Cuthbert Robison
Spouse: Margaretha Johns
Children: John Robison


  • Name variant:
Colvert [Some Information, p. I]
Culbert [Research Papers]
  • Ranney, Lucretia Lyman. Some Information on the Families of Robison-Adams-Guinal-Collier and Quackenbush and Others. Prepared from old family records, St. George Temple Records, and Dutch Reformed Church Records of N. Y., pp. 5, I
  • Badger, Rose Afton Hinckley. Papers
  • Hardman, Enone L. Research Papers:
Family Group Record of Cuthbert Robison and Elizabeth Sprong
In the Howard Griffith's Budge Book, it states that Cuthbert Robison, brother of Sussanah Sprong, who was the daughter of James Robison and Margaret Adams, left Albany, N.Y. with his family and went down the river to Springfield, Ham, Ohio. Springfield known then as Finneytown. I have deeds signed by him and his wife, Elizabeth, up to 1924, records of him buying in Morgan Co. Ill. in 1832 and 1833. He is found in the 1850 Census in Morgan Co. as being 79 years of age. Also I have a deed of to his son, Samuel, in 1845 in exchange for his care for the rest of his life. I have the will of James A., his son, in which he names his father and mother and all of his sisters and brothers.
Enone L. Hardman
This sheet also includes a handwritten entry for "Esther Robison ? ? died 18 years" with the additional note: "I do not find"
Extracted from "The Biography of Howard Griffith Budge" page 1 of 11
David Sprong migrated with his Father-in-law, E. W. Finney, Sam'l Raymond, and Cuthbert Robinson - his brothers-in-law, to Hamilton Co. Ohio. just after 1800. [This implies that Cuthbert/Culbert had married David Sprong's sister, Elizabeth, before 1800]
Descendants of Johannes Dyckman and Maria Bosyns
Picture Page of Spencer Phillips and Hannah (Robison) Phillips by Barbara Schroll
Family Group Record of Spencer Phillips and Hannah Robison
Family Group Record of Alexander Robison and Ann Hinsey
Family Group Record of Furney S. Carpenter and Elizabeth Robison
Pedigree Chart of John W. Anthony
Prepared by Pearl L. Savage
Pedigree Chart of Frances Fitzgerald Rotchford
Date: Oct 24 1982
Pedigree Charts compiled by William Lee Carpenter, 1993
Cuthbert Son of James & Margaret Robison Timeline
1771 N.Y. according to 1850 census [Ext 12]
1800 Cuthbert Robinson, (brother to Susannah Robinson dau of James Robinson and Margaret Adams) went to Cin. O. with David Sprong, E. W. Finney, & Samual Raymond. Samuel & Cuthbert brothers in law to David Sprong. [Ext 2-1]
  (David Sprong had sister Elizabeth, b. 1770) [Ext 2-6]
  Map of where they lived in Ham. Ohio [Ext 27]
  Children 9 James, Polly (Mary), Hannah, Margaret, Elizabeth, Fanny, Samuel, Alexander,Cuthbert Jr. [F. Rec. #34]
23 Jan 1819 Cuthbert deed to McGlauhline. Ham Co. O. Signed also by Elizabeth his wife [Ext 5]
1 Aug 1820 Cuthbert mortgage to Jame Moor. Ham Co. O. [Ext 23]
27 Dec 1821 Spencere Phillips to Hannah Robinson [Ham Co O Probate Rec]
31 Mar 1825 "Ezra" Stout to Fanny Robinson [Ham Co Ct. House]
2 Sep 1831 Cuthbert deed to Mary. Ham Co. O. [Ext 4]
30 Feb 1832 Cuthbert buys from Lynch, Morgan Co IL [Ext 21]
19 Feb 1833 Cuthbert buys from Ragan, Morgan Co IL [Ext 28]
14 Jan 1836 Marriage of Cuthbert Jr & Jane Ann Bouser [Ext 3]
6 Sep 1838 Will of James A. Robison, Morgan Co IL mentions - John W. Hoel, husband of Polly Squires Rude, husband of Margaret Spencer Phillips husband of Hannah Johnathan husband Fanny (Furney) Carpenter husband of Elizabeth Bro. Alexander, Samuel, & Cuthbert Father: Cuthbert Mother: Elizabeth. [Ext 24]
7 Aug 1847 Cuthbert deeds land to son Samuel Morgan Co IL [Ext 25-1]
20 Aug 1863 Will of Alexander, son of Cuthbert Sr [Ext 1]
  some tombstones in Phillips Cem. Morgan Co Il some of Cuthbert's Family [Ext 34-2]
  Elizabeth, Samuel & Theodore Robison - listed as living in Sec 26, P.O. Liter [History of Morgan Co IL]
Hamilton Co Ohio, Vol 41 pg 376

Elizabeth Robison, release of dower to Thomas Titus for the sum of $1.00.
"The North East part of forfieture of entire R. Sec. 27, Springfield Township land sold by James Lyon to Daniel Cameron and by Daniel Cameron to my husband Cuthbert Robison."
Indenture 10 Sept 1830. Received and recorded 28 Feb 1832
Deed from James McGlaughlin of Springfield Ohio to Cuthbert Robinson.
Signed by Cuthbert & Elizabeth.

Received 25 June 1819. Recorded 7 July 1817
[Ex 21]
  • Birth: Calculated from 1850 cenus information.
  • 1850 Federal Census, Morgan County, Illinois, enumerated 26 Aug 1850:
Robison, Cuthbert, 78, male, no occupation, NY
, Elizabeth, 49, female, KY
, Theodore, 12, male, ILLS
, Samuel, 35, male, farmer, 1200, O
, Ann, 11, female, ILLS
, Hannah, 9, female, ILLS
, Ledorca, 5, female, ILLS
, Samuel, 8, male, ILLS
Foster, James, 26, male, farmer, KY
, Howard, 24, male, carpenter, ILLS
, Mary, 25, female, ILLS
, Bridget, 19, female, ILLS
, Henry, 28, male, carpenter, KY
, Elizabeth, 25, female, ILLS
, John, 8/12, male, ILLS
Heler , Lydia, 13, ILLS