Douglas LaVan Martineau (1932-2000)

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Douglas LaVan Martineau
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In Loving Memory
Born: 3 Jan 1932 Kanab, Utah
Died: 25 Feb 2000 Hurricane Valley, Utah
Father: Amon Douglas Martineau
Mother: Mavis Sorenson
Siblings: Douglas LaVan Martineau
Betty Gayle Martineau
Donald Ray Martineau
Spouse: (1) Doris Dorene Kanosh
Married: 8 Dec 1954 Manti, Utah
Children: Dorena Lee Martineau
Sophia Ann Martineau
LaVan Martineau
Spouse: (2) Evalina Mae McFee
Married: 4 Nov 1962 Utah
Children: Carmen Jean Martineau
Georgetta Jeanette Martineau
Shanandoah Jeaneen Martineau
Rachel Lucinda Martineau


The Spectrum, February, 2000:

Douglas Martineau

ST. GEORGE -- Douglas LaVan Martineau, 68, died Saturday, Feb. 26, 2000, in St. George, after a three-year battle with cancer. He was born Jan. 3, 1932, in Kanab, Utah to Amon Douglas Martineau and Mavis Sorenson. He married Doris Dorene Kanosh on Dec. 8,1954, in Manti, Utah. She died giving birth to their son, LaVan, Jr., on Sept. 22, 1958, in Richfield, Utah. He later married Evalina Mae McFee on Nov. 4, 1962. She preceded him in death on May 23, 1996.

After his dad died in 1950, he was raised by Edrick Bushhead, a Paiute who lived at the Cedar City Indian Village. He grew up learning the language and culture and later married into the tribe. He served in the United States Air Force in the Korean War as an air traffic control operator.

LaVan was an author with several books under the publication of KC Publications, his best known work being The Rocks begin to Speak and The Southern Paiutes. He has also done works on Indian sign language, Indian archery and his most recent book, still in the publishing process, in The Great Migrations and the Indian Prophecies.

He had many interests in life, his favorite being his love for the great outdoors, with travels to Europe from Israel to Denmark and from the Northwest territories to Central Mexico and Belize, and everywhere else in between, learning as much as he could about the different cultures of the North American Indians.

LaVan was a warrior in life, always searching for new battles to conquer and searching for ways to preserve the culture of others so that they may have knowledge in their future for generations to come.

LaVan is survived by his four daughters, Carmen, Shannandoah Martineau and Jetta Wood, all of St. George, and Dorena Martineau of Cedar City, Utah; five grandchildren: Shilkeem Feather, Kwaiuv Plume and Dion Kanosh Martineau, Willow Wolf Runner and Keeya Little Dove Wood; one brother: Marty Martineau of Mountain View, Calif.; and one sister: Betty Richards of Las Vegas.

There will be an all-night sing at the Shivwits Tribal Building on Wednesday, March 1, 2000, starting at 7 p.m. Funeral services will be held Thursday, March 2, 2000, at 10 a.m. at Shivwits Tribal Building, with interment to follow in the Shivwit Cemetery.


Martineau, Douglas
Birth Date: 3 Jan 1932
Death Date: 26 Feb 2000
Social Security Number: 529-34-2622
State Number Was Issued: Utah
Death Residence Zip Code: 85502
Localitiy: Globe, Gila, Arizona
  • Death: Funeral program, in the front cover of the Journal of Stephen D. Robison, 1999-2000.
  • Note: Journal of Stephen D. Robison, 1999-2000, pp. 175-176:
We all drove to the Shivwits (Sham City) burial ground for the graveside service. Ben Pikyavit sang the warrior song over the casket, then dedicated the grave, first in Paiute, then in English. It was a dedicatory prayer, but invoked no authority. Next a military detail took over, folded and presented the flag to the family and shot the 21 gun salute. As their shots reverberated around the hills a Red Hawk glided in low over the assemblage and the casket, then the beautiful bird flew off into the hills. Thereafter they opened the casket for a final viewing and farewell.
Douglas LaVan Martineau
Birth: Jan. 3, 1932
Death: Feb. 26, 2000
Burial: Shivwits Cemetery, Washington County, Utah, USA
Created by: Geraldine Humes
Record added: Oct 08, 2007
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  • Martineau, Douglas LaVan. Southern Paiute Genealogy, Koosharem Band:
HUSBAND: Douglas LaVan Martineau.
Born: 3 January 1932, Kanab, Utah.
Father: Amon Douglas Martineau.
Mother: Mavis Sorenson.
Married: 8 December 1954, Manti, Utah.
Other Wives: (2) Evalina Mae McFee.
WIFE: (1) Doris Dorene Kanosh.
1. Dorena Lee Martineau (female)
2. Sophia Ann Martineau (female)
3. LaVan Martineau Jr. (male)
  • Martineau, Douglas LaVan. Southern Paiute Genealogy, Shivwits Band:
HUSBAND: Douglas LaVan Martineau.
Born: 3 January 1932, Kanab, Utah.
Father: Amon Douglas Martineau.
Mother: Mavis Sorenson.
Other wives: (1) Doris Dorene Kanosh. Married: 4 November 1962.
WIFE: (2) Evalina Mae McFee.
1. Carmen Jean Martineau (female)
2. Georgetta Jeanette Martineau (female)
3. Shanandoah Jeaneen Martineau (female)
  • LDS Archive Record.
LaVan Martineau (1932- 2000) was raised by full-blooded Indians after both of his parents died. He grew up within the southern Utah Paiute community and followed migratory work bunching onions, carrots and topping sugar beets – doing whatever work came along. He was immersed in native language, ways, traditions and arts and became knowledgeable in sign language, fluent in several Indian tongues, and one of the foremost interpreters of native rock writing. LaVan studied the arts and traditions of many tribes and became a master of many traditional crafts. Preparing and tanning deer hides, decorating buckskin clothing with beads and porcupine quills, fashioning old-style bows and arrows and making arrowheads are among the many skills he practiced and taught to his five daughters - Dorena, Sophia (deceased), Carmen, Georgetta (Jetta) and Shanandoah (Shanan). Biography and photos courtesy of the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. Contact Dorena Martineau, Jetta Martineau Wood or Shanan Martineau.