Eldred Vickery Robison (1903-1979)

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Eldred Vickery Robison
Born: 30 Oct 1903 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 3 May 1979 St. George, Utah
Father: Franklin Alonzo Robison
Mother: Lois Thorpe
Siblings: Addie Florence Robison
Archie Robison
Bernard Thorpe Robison
Nolan Frederick Robison
Lowell Robison
Homer Franklin Robison
Eldred Vickery Robison
Loran Culbert Robison
Lindon Wells Robison
Alda Leona Robison
Half Siblings: Alonzo Franklin Robison
Parley Proctor Robison
Joseph Alfred Robison
Herma Lucretia Robison
Belinda Pratt Robison
Ruth Pratt Robison
Isabella Pratt Robison
Carrie Pratt Robison
Alma Pratt Robison
Harmel Pratt Robison
Parker Pratt Robison
Olea Pratt Robison
Willis Nephi Robison
Lois Hattie Robison
Josephine Robison
Herbert Alonzo Robison
Ella Adelia Robison
Alverna Robison
Ancil Platte Robison
Spouse: Esther Florence Eaves
Married: 1 Jul 1927 Los Angeles, California
Children: La Rue Florence Robison
Artell Lavon Robison


  • Name variant: Robinson [AF]
  • Despain, Carrie Robison and Garner, Melba Despain. History & Genealogy of the Franklin Alonzo Robison Family, p. 97.
  • Ancestral File
  • LDS Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Eldred V. Robison, Fillmore, Utah 84631
Family of: Eldred Vickery Robison & Esther Florence Eaves
  • The Salt Lake Tribune, Monday, 8 Jan 2006, Obituary: Wardell, Artell LaVon Robison
  • Birth: From burial information.
  • Death: Social Security Death Index:
Name: Eldred ROBISON
Birth Date: 30 Oct 1903
Death Date: Apr 1979
Social Security Number: 529-42-1217
State Where Number Was Issued: Utah
Death Residence ZIP Code: 84770
Bloomington, Washington, Utah
Bloomington Hills, Washington, Utah
Diamond Valley, Washington, Utah
Harrisburg Junction, Washington, Utah
Middleton, Washington, Utah
St George, Washington, Utah
Winchester Hills, Washington, Utah
  • Burial: Fillmore City Corporation. Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 41:
ROBISON, Eldred Vickery
BLK 186, Lot 3, Grave 1
b. 10-30-1903
d. 5-03-1979
  • Burial: Fillmore City Corporation. Cemetery Master List, by Deceased Name, 13 Jun 1994, p. 384:
ROBISON, Eldred Vickery
BLK 186, Lot 3, Grave 1
b. 10-30-1903 Fillmore, Utah
d. 5-03-1979 St. George, Utah
bur. Comments:
Current Owner: Robison, Eldred & Esther
Original Owner:
  • Death place variant: Fillmore
  • The Salt Lake Tribune, Monday, 8 Jan 2006, Obituary: Wardell, Artell LaVon Robison