Francis Boughton (1766-1833)

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Francis Boughton
Born: 16 Mar 1766 Danbury, Connecticut
Died: 5 May 1833 Durham, New York
Father: Joseph Boughton
Mother: Susannah Raymond
Siblings: William Bouton
Susanna Bouton
Betty Bouton
Joseph Bouton
Rebecca Bouton
Joshua Bouton
Seth Bouton
Ira Bouton
Francis Boughton
Nancy Bouton
Debbe Bouton
Aaron Bouton
Spouse: Esther Stowe
Married: 8 Dec 1784
Children: Francis Boughton
James Boughton
Elias Boughton
Clark Boughton
Mary Maria Boughton
Lewis Boughton
Rebecca Boughton
Anna Boughton
Francis Boughton
Theodosia Boughton
Elizabeth Boughton


  • Bouton, James. Bouton - Boughton Family (1890), pp 215-216:
Page 215:
2,102 Francis Boughton (son of Joseph, who died 1833),b., probably, in Danbury, March 16, 1766, m. Dec.8, 1784, Esther Stowe, and settled in Durham, N.Y. where he died May 5, 1833.
Children of Francis and Esther Stowe Boughton, of Durham, N.Y.
2,103 i. Francis Boughton, Jr., b., supposed, Danbury, July 29, 1785, died young, 1798.
2,104 ii. James Boughton, b. Danbury, Oct. 28, 1786, unmarried, res. Ohio, d. Durham, about 1829.
2,105 iii. Eliard (Lyard) Boughton, b. Danbury, Dec. 7, 1787, m. Thalia Merwin, d. about 1874.
2,106 iv. Clark Boughton, b. Danbury, Nov. 5, 1789, m. Julia Hyde, b. Michigan, he d. about 1865.
2,107 v. Mary Maria (Polly) Boughton, b. Danbury, Jan. 3, 1792, m. Joseph Whitman; she d. 1839; he d. Poughkeepsie, 1870.
Note.--Joseph B. Whitman came from England in early life; was a boot and shoe maker; was not a church member. His wife was a Presbyterian.
[Page 216]
2,108 vi. Lewis Boughton, b. Danbury, July 23, 1794, m. Cairo, N.Y., Eleanor Winne, res. Durham, d. Dec. 30, 1818; she d. April 10, 1883.
2,109 vii. Rebecca Boughton, b. Danbury, Dec. 5, 1795, m. Ansel Hoyt, d. 1832.
2,110 viii. Anna Boughton, b. Danbury, July 26, 1797, m. Ira Hubbard, d. 1882.
2,111 ix. Francis Boughton, Jr., b. Danbury, March 1, 1798.
2,112 x. Theodocia Boughton, b. W. Durham, July 24, 1801, m. W. Durham, July 19, 1824, John St. John; d. Delhi, N.Y., 1852.
2,113 xi. Elizabeth Boughton, b. W. Durham, June 1, 1803, m. 1852, Chauncey St. John, Prattsville; he d. 1853, she d. 1868.
  • Price, Dorothy Andrus Crane. Family Records
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