Friedrich Carl Chudobba (1890-1975)

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Friedrich Carl "Fritz" Chudobba
Gustave, Fritz & John Chudobba
Born: 21 Jun 1890 Riesenburg, Germany
Died: 3 Apr 1975 Remscheid, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Father: Johann Adolph Chudobba
Mother: Justine Henriette Chudobi
Siblings: Maria Chudobba
Gustav Julius Chudobba
Helene Emma Chudobba
Johann Adolph Chudobba
Paul Chudobba Kube
Emma Chudobba
Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Karl Bruno Kube
Spouse: Martha Marie Elisabeth Weissbach
Married: 3 Oct 1921 Dresden, Germany
Children: Georgina Helena Chudobba
Helmut Chudobba
Johannes Chudobba
Maria Elizabeth Chudobba
Maria remembers her father, Friedrich Chudobba, as a quiet, hard-working man. He was a chief gardener at several places. He played the trumpet well, belonged to a bowling club in later years, and loved to read - always reading as she recalled. He married Martha Weissbach on 21 October 1921 in Dresden, Germany. He lived in Falkenwalde, Pommerania, Germany, near Stettin. They had to move to Frielingsdorf, in Rhineland, in the area of Lindler NE of Cologne after the war.
Fritz fought in the German army during World War I in the equestrian infantry. He was captured by the Russians during the first or second week of the war, in 1918. Fritz interned in several POW camps beginning at a camp located somewhere in the Caucuses. He was a prisoner for a total of 6 years (war only lasted 4). He contracted malaria while a POW with bouts of bad health after his return to Germany. The Red Cross secured his release and sent him home.
Martha and Fritz lived in Tonisheide, West Germany in their last years. Fritz died in Remscheid, Germany in 1975.


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Name: Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Gender: männlich
Event Type: Taufe
Birth Date: 21 Juni 1890
Baptism Date: 27 Juli 1890
Baptism Place: Danzig-Westpr, Polen
Father: Johann Chudobba
Mother: Justine Chudobba
Legitimacy: Ehelich
Parish as it Appears: Rourcelle Riesenburg
Author: Evangelische Kirche Riesenburg (Kr. Rosenberg)
City or District: Riesenburg
FHL Film Number: 208301
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Name: Friedrich Carl Chudobba
Gender: männlich
Birth Date: 21 Juni 1890
Age: 31
Marriage Date: 3 Okt 1921
Marriage Place: Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland
Civil Registration Office:Dresden I
Neighborhood: östlich
Spouse: Martha Marie Elisabeth Weissbach
Spouse Gender: weiblich
Spouse Birth Date: 10 Apr 1896
Certificate Number: 1157
Record Type: Eheregister (Marriage Register)
Reference Type: 32
Sequence Number: 105