George John Weyenberg, Jr. (1930-1989)

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George John Weyenberg, Jr.
Born: 9 Dec 1930 Matchwood, Michigan
Died: 23 May 1989 Ewen, Michigan
Father: George John Weyenberg
Mother: Mary Louise Higgins
Siblings: Floyd Leonard Heinz
Inez Marie Heinz
Carol June Heinz
Leslie Eugene Heinz
Lyle Kenneth Heinz
George John Weyenberg, Jr.

George John Weyenburg, Jr. was born 9 December 1930 in Matchwood, Ontonagon, Michigan to Mary Louise and George Weyenburg, Sr.

He had several half- brothers and sisters: Floyd Leonard, Inez Marie, Carol June, Leslie Eugene and Lyle Kenneth Heinz.

When George was two years old his family moved downstate to Harbor Springs, Michigan. His mother died shortly thereafter and it became his sisters job to care for him. George was a happy go lucky person.

George had been placed in the State Boys School in Lapeer, Michigan not far away from his brothers who had moved to Flint. No one in the family was in a position to care for him at the time. Les didn't like him being there, so he would go pick him up bring him home on holidays.

When he was old enough, George joined the military, afterwards he spent most of his adult life working on a farm in the Upper Peninsula.

George loved to sit and reminisce of his younger years with his family.

He died 23 May 1989 in Ewen, Ontonagon, Michigan and was buried at the Lakeview Cemetery, Bergland, Michigan.


  • Family Records of Carol June Heinz Taylor
Birth Date: 9 Dec 1930
Death Date: 23 May 1989
Social Security Number: 386-36-7192
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan
May & George at Harbor Beach, 1931