George Joseph Kruzell (1881-1978)

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George Joseph Kruzell
Born: 20 Apr 1881 Horton Bay, Michigan
Died: 23 Aug 1978 Petoskey, Michigan
Father: Joseph Kruzel
Mother: Josephine Tamsick
Siblings: Stephen Krusell
Casimer Krusell
Frances Krusell
Mary J. Kruzell
George Joseph Kruzell
Theresa Krussell
Frank J. Kruzell
Andrew H. Kruzell
Spouse: Edna M. Palmatier
Married: 29 Mar 1907 Harbor Springs, Michigan
Children: Baby Boy Kruzell
Baby Girl Kruzell
George Ralph Kruzell
Lester Earl Kruzell
Myrtle C. Kruzell
Arnold Kruzell


  • 1900 Federal Census, Readmond Twp., Emmet, Michigan, June 23, 1900:
Kruzell, Joseph
, George, Son, W, M, b. April 1880, 20, Single, MI, Poland, Poland, Farm Laborer
  • Marriage: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925:
Groom's name: George Kruzell
Groom's age: 24 years
Groom's birth year: 1883
Groom's birthplace: Mich.
Groom's father's name: Joseph
Groom's mother's name: Unknown
Bride's name: Edna Palmeter
Bride's age: 17 years
Bride's birth year: 1890
Bride's birthplace: Mich.
Father of bride's name: Simon
Mother of bride's name: Unknown
Marriage date: 29 Mar 1907
Marriage place: Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan
Film number: 2342677
Digital GS number: 4208700
Image number: 342
Reference number: v 2 p 89 rn 45
  • Death: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Deaths:
Kruzell, George J.
Date of Death: 8/23/1978
Liber: 1978
Folio: 303
Place of Death: Petoskey
George Kruzell
Birth Date: 20 Apr 1881
Death Date: Aug 1978
Social Security Number: 381-52-0644
State Number Was Issued: Michigan
Death Residence Zip Code: 49740
Locality: Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan