Leonora Taylor Horne (1849-1920)

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Leonora Taylor Horne Spencer
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Born: 16 Jan 1849 Salt Lake City, Utah
Died: 16 May 1920 Paris, Idaho
Father: Joseph Horne
Mother: Mary Isabella Hales
Siblings: Mary Ann Horne
Robert Horne
Henry James Horne
William Joseph Horne
Joseph Smith Horne
Richard Stephen Horne
Elizabeth Ann Horne
Leonora Taylor Horne
Julia Marie Horne
Mary Isabella Horne
John Parley Horne
Permilia Eliza Horne
Cornelia Harriet Horne
Martha Jane Horne
Clara Ellen Horne
Spouse: George Boardman Spencer
Married: 10 Nov 1867 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Lucy Isabella Spencer
Leonora Horne Spencer
Lilian Horne Spencer
George Boardman Spencer
Joseph Horne Spencer
Howard Spencer
daughter Spencer
Mary Ellen Spencer
Orson Horne Spencer
Herbert Leo Spencer
Seymour Horne Spencer
Edwin Horne Spencer

Leonora Taylor Horne, daughter of Joseph and Mary Isabella Hales Horne was born January 16, 1849 in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. She was the fifth living child. She was only educated to the third grade, but continued to read and became very well educated. She was a remarkable speller.

By request of President Brigham Young expressed from the pulpit at a conference of the church in Salt Lake City, a young man just returned from the Swiss-German Mission was called to colonize the Muddy River Valley in southwestern Utah. President Young gave him two weeks to get married and be on his way. Not to be outdone by quick decisions from high places, the young man took his problem to his young lady, who after a quick breath or two said, “Yes, George. We can do it.” And so 18-year-old Leonora agreed to become the wife of 27-year-old, George Boardman Spencer.

The long trip was made, the new bride installed in her first home, one of logs, sod and hand-hewn slabs. In due time their first baby arrived, but the primitive conditions were too severe and the young couple buried the little girl near by the drought-stricken garden. For two years the little settlement fought a losing fight in the unpromising land and then President Young released them and the young couple retrieved the tiny box and returned to Salt Lake City where two children were born.

In the year 1874, after a brief stay in the young capitol city of Utah territory, George and Leonora were asked to help settle the new colony at the present site of Paris, Idaho. There they built a solid two room log home on good rich, black soil, worked hard and began to prosper. Here, the rest of her children were born.

Spencer Family


  • Name: She was named for John Taylor's wife, Leonora; Pet name: Nora
  • Ancestral File
  • Spencer, Seymour H. Orson Spencer Descendants, Through 1956, p. 1
  • Blessing: LDS Historians Archives:
Great Salt Lake City Tuesday, January 23rd, 1849
A blessing conferred upon the head of Leonora Taylor Horne, born Tuesday, Jan'y 16th, 49, by her Father, Elder Joseph Horne, and Elder John Taylor.
Leonora Taylor. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth and by the virtue of the Holy Priesthood, we take thee up in our arms to bless thee and seal upon thee a Father's blessing. and we say unto thee let the blessings of Heaven and Earth be thine. and be thou blessed in Time and throughout all Eternity. let the Spirit of God rest upon thee from thy youth up, let thy name be had in everlasting remembrance and all generations call thee blessed; and we pray God the Eternal Father that thou mayest grow up in purity and virtue. that thou mayest be an ornament to society and a blessing to thy Father's House and to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and we ask our Heavenly Father to bless thee with health to preserve thee in the Hour of Temptation, to save thee from the power of the destroyer and from the hands of cunning and designing men that thou mayest be saved in the hour of pestilence, and the day of tribulation, and the time of war, that thou mayest live many years upon the Earth, be gathered to thy Fathers in Peace, and Hand in thy lot at the end of the days. And we seal thee up unto Eternal Life, and ask our Heavenly Father to seal these blessings upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • Gravestone: Paris Cemetery, Bear Lake, Idaho:

George B. Spencer
Feb 21, 1840
Feb 9, 1924
Leonora T. H.
Jan 16, 1849

May 16, 1920
Last Name: SPENCER
First Name: Leanora
Middle Name: Taylor
Cemetery: Paris, Idaho
Birth Date: 1/16/1849
City Born: Old Fort, Salt Lake,
State Born: Ut Date
Died: 5/16/1920 City
Died: Paris, Bear Lake,
State Died: Id
Sources: Sexton