Mary Ann Ashley (1833-1913)

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Mary Ann Ashley Robison
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Mary Ann Robison
Born: 29 Jan 1833 Flint, Wales
Died: 4 May 1913 Garrison, Utah
Siblings: Mary Ann Ashley
Spouse: Peter Robison
Married: 21 Feb 1850
Children: Mary Elizabeth Robison
John Leroy Robison
Hyrum Peter Robison
William Henry Robison
Elsie Rosetta Robison
Jacob Thomas Robison
Margaret Emma Retta Robison
Lura Delila Robison
Edmund Brand Robison
Almon Dewitt Robison
Lester Jerome Robison


The Millard County Progress-Review, Vol. 22, No. 7, Friday, 14 Feb 1913, p. 2:

Correspondence Page

On the evening of Jan 29, 1913 one of the greatest events in the history of Snake Valley was recorded. It was the occasion of the 80th birthday of Mrs. Mary Robison, who was born Jan. 29th, 1832 and came to Utah in 1849.

Mr. J. W. Cram gathered the inhabitants of the Valley together for a distance of 60 miles north and south, they met at Mr. J. H. Deardons hotel and marched to the residence of Mrs. Robison's daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Brigham Young.

Where the party took charge of everything and the following program was carried out:

Music by the Garrison String Band composed of the following: G. W. Gonder, Osborne Christopherson, Ed. Heckethorne and Miss Lillie Heckethorne.
Recitation Miss Mable Stott of Meadow
Comic Song by Walter Smith
Clog Dance by James Robison of Gandy, Ut.
G. W. Gonder and Co's music
Song J. H. Deardon and Walter Smith, Miss Lillie Heckethorne, accompanist.

The following then sat down to a supper as only the residents of Snake Valley can put up: Brigham Young and wife, G. W. Gonder and wife, Mrs. Elsie Gonder, W. F. Fowler and wife, Allie Robison, wife and family; Wm. Heckethorne, H. R. Young & daughter, J. H. Deardon and wife, Mrs. Schumacher and daughter, Mrs. Hattie Gandy, Walter Smith and wife, Misses Lillie Heckethorne, Lillie Rowley, Mable Stott, Gentlemen, Den Smith, A. C. Ryan, James Smith, Albert Smith, Robt. Olson and J. W. Cram all relatives of Mrs. Robison except A. C. Ryan and J. W. Cram. A total attendance of 55 persons, 42 adults and 13 children.

After supper J. H. Deardon gave a song which he had composed for the occasion.

The party then dispersed as some had a distance of 40 miles to go to their homes.

Mrs. Robison is the mother of 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls, ranging in age from 35 to 61 years all living but one.

She is grandmother of 90 children and great-grandmother of 67 and great great grandmother of 2.

Mrs. Robison is well and hearty and passed the remark that she felt young enough to dance the clog herself. She is a faithful Latter-day Saint and has spent twenty years in Snake Valley and is living at the present time with her daughter, Mrs. Brigham Young where there are five generations under the same roof as follows: Mrs. Robison, Mrs. Brigham Young, born April 29, 1857, H. P. Young born Nov. 8, 1870, Mrs. Ruby Young Rowley born May 6, 1891 and Doyle H. Young born Nov. 10, 1909. This is something to be proud of to be able to meet each other with the cheery good morning smiles that the Young family are famous for. This is one of the happiest families that we know.

Mrs. Robison was married to Mr. Peter Robison Feb. 23, 1850. Her husband died Oct. 22, 1903. She has spent the greater part of the time since then with her daughter in Salt Lake but will remain for some time in this city with Mr. and Mrs. Young.

She says she has enjoyed good health all her life and has at present about 2,000 relatives living in Ut. Nev. Ida. and Oregon the majority living in Fillmore, Kanosh, Meadow and Hatton, Ut. Just think of the honor to be able to take 2000 people by the hand and know that they are of your own blood and to be able to look the world in the face with such a record as Mrs. Robison has back of her and the good name she has made for herself. She has lived a happy and useful life and says she wishes to live to see all her people together. Let us all pray that she may see this time.

We younger generations should feel proud of the privilege we have to make our older friends enjoy themselves when ever opportunity affords. For they have made this country what it is for us and our standing in this world, and we cannot do too much for them. The of their lives let us all stand united in continuing to show them that we appreciate what they have done for us. And let us keep something doing all the time for the silver grays. And we shall find enjoyment for ourselves in so doing. For they would suffer anything for their children and theirs is the love that never fades.


Deseret News, 20 May 1913:

Mrs. Mary E. Ashley Robison, widow of the late Peter Robison of this valley, died May 4 after a short illness of about two weeks. She was born in England, Jan. 29, 1833 and has lived a noble and a beautiful life. She died blessed and beloved by all who knew her, for her life was a blessing to all with whom she came in contact. She with her husband and children were the pioneers of this valley and prominent and respected at the present time. Mrs. Robison is survived by 10 children, 55 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren, She had several stepchildren to whom she was a kind and loving mother. She was a member of the Thirtieth ward of Salt Lake and has spent a great deal of the latter part of her life doing temple work at Manti.


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