Mary Elizabeth McCandless (1876-1948)

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Mary Elizabeth McCandless Dickson
Mary Elizabeth McCandless.jpg
Born: 5 April 1876 South Haven, Kansas
Died: 30 March 1948
Father: Charles Robert McCandless
Mother: Martha Dodson
Siblings: Frances Ann McCandless
Magdala Margaret McCandless
Helen Forrest McCandless
Mary Elizabeth McCandless
Malinda Thomasina McCandless
Thomas M. McCandless
Nena Patsy McCandless
Charles Franklin McCandless
Catherine Berriman McCandless
Spouse: David Moody Dickson
Married: 19 Dec 1901
Children: Mae Forset Dickson

Mary Elizabeth McCandless was born 5 April 1876 at South Haven, Sumner, Kansas.

Her parents are Charles Robert McCandless and Martha Dodson.

She married David Moody Dickson on 19 December 1901.

They had a daughter Mae Forest Dickson.


  • 1880 Federal Census, South Haven, Sumner, Kansas:
McCandless, Charles, self, married, male, white, 38, KY, Farmer, KY, VA
, Martha, wife, married, female, white, 34, KY, Keeping House, NC, NC
, Dolly, daughter, single, female, white, 4, KS