Orson Hyde (1805-1878)

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Orson Hyde
Born: 8 Jan 1805 Oxford, Connecticut
Died: 28 Nov 1878 Spring City, Utah
Father: Nathan Hyde
Mother: Sally Thorpe
Siblings: Harry Hyde
Abijah Hyde
Laura Hyde
Nathan Hyde
Asahel Johnson Hyde
Sally Lavilla Hyde
lucius Charles Hyde
Orson Hyde
Maria Hyde
Orville Hyde
Spouse: Marinda Nancy Johnson
Married: 4 Sep 1834 Kirtland, Ohio
Children: Nathan Hyde
Laura Marinda Hyde
Emily Matilda Hyde
Orson Washington Hyde
Frank Henry Hyde
Alonzo Eugene Hyde
Delia Ann Hyde
Heber John Hyde
Mary Lavinia Hyde
Zina Virginia Hyde


Orson Hyde’s 1841 Mission to the Holy Land - ensign

His prayer on the Mount of Olives 150 years ago invoked the Lord’s blessings on both the land and on all the children of Abraham.

Orson Hyde Memorial Garden in Jerusalem
Mission to Jerusalem

One of Hyde's most significant missions was a call to preach in Jerusalem. From April 1841 to December 1842, he proselyted in Palestine.

Orson Hyde spent from April 1841 to December 1842 in Jerusalem. He recorded that before dawn on October 24, 1841 he climbed up the Mount of Olives overlooking the city, then both wrote and recited a prayer, part of which reads:

Now, O Lord! Thy servant has been obedient to the heavenly vision which Thou gavest him in his native land; and under the shadow of Thine outstretched arm, he has safely arrived in this place to dedicate and consecrate this land unto Thee, for the gathering together of Judah's scattered remnants, according to the predictions of the holy Prophets -- for the building up of Jerusalem again after it has been trodden down by the Gentiles so long, and for rearing a Temple in honor of Thy name. Everlasting thanks be ascribed unto Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that Thou hast preserved Thy servant from the dangers of the seas, and from the plague and pestilence which have caused the land to mourn. The violence of man has also been restrained, and Thy providential care by night and by day has been exercised over Thine unworthy servant. Accept, therefore, O Lord, the tribute of a grateful heart for all past favors, and be pleased to continue Thy kindness and mercy towards a needy worm of the dust.

  • Life sketch from FamilySearch:
Orson Hyde (January 8, 1805 – November 28, 1878) was a leader in the early Latter Day Saint movement and an original member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He was the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1847 to 1875 and was a missionary of the LDS Church in the United States, Europe, and the Ottoman Empire.


  • Nauvoo Temple Endowment Name Index:
Hyde, Orson 8 Jan 1805 (birth date) 10 Dec 1845 (endowment date)
  • Utah Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database:
Name: Orson Hyde
Event Type: Immigration
Event Place: Deseret, United States
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 08 Jan 1805
Departure Date: 1851
Death Date: 28 Nov 1878
Pioneer Company: Orson Hyde Company
  • 1850 Federal Census, Pottawattamie county, Pottawattamie, Iowa, United States, House Number 111:
Hyde, male, 45, Connecticut
, Marinda, female, 35, Virginia
, Laura, female, 13, Ohio
, Emily, female, 11, Illinois
, Frank, male, 5, Illinois
, Alonzo, male, 3, Iowa
, Delia, female, 1, Iowa
Johnson, Charlotte, female, 40, New Jersey
William M*, male, 17, England
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Children of Nathan & Sally Hyde, listed in Oxford, Connecticut town records
  • Monument:
    Spring City Cemetery