Seymour Horne Spencer (1888-1959)

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Seymour Horne Spencer
Spencer, SH.jpg
Born: 16 Jul 1888 Paris, Idaho
Died: 11 Sep 1959 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: George Boardman Spencer
Mother: Leonora Taylor Horne
Siblings: Lucy Isabella Spencer
Leonora Horne Spencer
Lilian Horne Spencer
George Boardman Spencer
Joseph Horne Spencer
Howard Spencer
daughter Spencer
Mary Ellen Spencer
Orson Horne Spencer
Herbert Leo Spencer
Seymour Horne Spencer
Edwin Horne Spencer
Spouse: (1) Sarah Sophronia Quayle
Married: 13 Mar 1925 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Helen Jean Spencer
Robert William Spencer
Norma Spencer
Beth Spencer
Margaret Joan Spencer
Spouse: (2) Donna Pearl Dumont
Married: 6 Dec 1957 Salt Lake City, Utah


The Progress, Friday, September 25, 1959, p. 1:


Impressive funeral services for Seymour Horne Spencer were held Sept. 14, 1959 at the Liberty Ward in Salt Lake City.

Mr. Spencer will be remembered by many as he resided in Fillmore and taught Seminary for 18 years. He reared his family of one son and four daughters in Fillmore and all of them are graduates of Millard High School. He served as both father and mother to his children as his wife died in June, 1936, prior to his moving to Fillmore.

Mr. Spencer has been active in LDS Church affairs during his entire life; serving as bishop, member of High Council, superintendent of Sunday School, Priesthood teacher and many other callings. He served 30 years as seminary teacher and several years as a school administrator. His avocation while in Fillmore was dairying and he served as president of the Dairy Association.

The service was as follows:
Prayer - Joseph H. Spencer, his eldest brother
Opening remarks - Bishop Buhler of Liberty Ward
First speaker - Orval Stott, formerly of Meadow
Vocal Solo - Libby Lambert, former Fillmore resident, who sang "Homing", accompanied by Sherry Bennion
Bishop Milton A. Melville, close friend of the family and their former bishop, was the concluding speaker.
Gordon L. Beckstrand, son-in-law, sang "If With All Your Hearts".
A cousin, Clarence Tingey, gave the closing prayer.

Graveside service and burial were held in Paris, Idaho, birthplace and former residence of Mr. Spencer. These were conducted by J. Vern Dunn, brother-in-law. Cyril Budge was the speaker and the dedicatory prayer was by Edwin H. Spencer, brother.

Pall bearers were four sons-in-law: Harold Whatcott, Gordon Beckstrand, Doyle Robison, Clair McKee; two brothers-in-law, J. Vern Dunn and Arthur Erickson.

Brother Spencer is survived by his son Robert W., Salt Lake; daughters: Helen S. Whatcott, Modesto, Calif; Norma S. Beckstrand, Logan; Beth S. Robison, Cleveland, Ohio; Joan S. McKee, Vernal, Utah; twelve grand children and two brothers, Joseph H., Salt Lake City, and Edwin H. of Magna, Utah.

Spencer Family


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  • Spencer, Seymour H. Orson Spencer Descendants, Through 1956, p. 107.
College Graduate, A.B. Degree - U. of U.
1956 Address - 164 N. 2nd W., Salt Lake City, Ut.
Temple Marriage 3/11/25
Bear Lake County Superintendent of Schools
Paris, Idaho, City Council School Board, Montpelier Independent District #1
Stake Sunday School and MIA Superintendency
Bishop, Montpelier 3rd Ward
High Council Stake Genealogy Committee
  • LDS Church News, week ending 9 Mar 1991, New Mission Presidents, Calling: Robison , E Doyle
  • Birth: Autobiography of Seymour Horne Spencer:
I was born, I was told at 4 am July 16th, 1888 in the two-story brick home of my parents situated on the Southwest Corner lot of Center street one block East of the main or business street. I was the eleventh child, sixth son and have a younger brother.
  • Patriarchal Blessing: Historian's Office, Index to Blessings:
Name: Spencer, Seymour Horne
Born: 16 Jul 1888
Blessed: 14 Apr 1915
Recorded: Vol. 496, Page 57
  • 1st Marriage: Autobiography of Seymour Horne Spencer:
A few years later when I began teaching Seminary in Montpelier Sarah Sophronia Quayle and I were thrown together. Our courtship was rather short and we were married in the Salt Lake Temple Mar. 13, 1925.
  • Marriage variant: 11 Mar 1925 [family records]
  • 2nd Marriage: Ja-Ne't Global Data Search, Marriage Search, Utah:
License: A142963
Dated: 6 Dec 1957 Salt Lake County, Utah
SPENCER, Seymour Horne
GREEN, Donna Pearl Dumont
  • 2nd Marriage License: Salt Lake, Utah, Application for License to Marry, #142963:
Seymour Horne SPENCER, 428 Williams Ave.
Donna Pearl GREEN, 119 W. No. Temple
License Issued: 6 Dec 1957
Married: 6 Dec 1957, Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
Officiator: Raymond H. CLAYTON
Witnesses: Herbert L. SPENCER Joseph H. SPENCER
Full Name: Seymour Horne SPENCER
Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
Color: White, Widowed, 2nd Marriage
Age: 69
Date of Birth: 16 Jul 1888
Birthplace: Paris, Idaho
Occupation: Retired Teacher
Father: George B.
Occupation: Deceased
Birthplace: West Stockbridge, Mass
Mother: Lenora Taylor HORNE
Occupation: Deceased Housewife
Birthplace: Salt Lake City
Full name: Donna Pearl GREEN
Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
Color: White, Divorced, 2nd marriage
Age: 58
Date of Birth: 10 Sep 1899
Birthplace: Newton, Ill
Occupation: File Clerk
Father: Andrew J. DUMONT
Occupation: Deceased
Birthplace: Newton, Ill
Mother: Mary T. GOSNELL
Occupation: Housewife
Birthplace: Newton, Ill
(Signed) Seymour H. Spencer
(Signed) Donna Green
  • Divorce: Salt Lake County, Utah, civil case number 115542:
Filed: 26 Feb 1958
Donna Green Spencer, Plaintiff
Victor A. Spencer, Plaintiff's Attorney
Decreed: 14 Mar 1958 Donna Green's name restored.
Recorded: 3-18-58, Book 63, no. 346.
  • Ordinances: TIB card (says he was married 6 Dec 1957 to Effie Pearl Dumont)
  • Burial: The Progress, Friday, 25 Sep 1959, p. 1. Includes picture.
Last Name: SPENCER,
First Name: Seymour
Middle Name: Horne
Cemetery: Paris, Idaho
Birth Date: 7/16/1888
City Born: Paris, Bear Lake, State
Born: Id
Date Died: 9/11/1959
City Died: State
Sources: Sexton
  • Gravestone: Paris Cemetery, Bear Lake, Idaho:
Seymour H.        Sophronia Q.
July 16, 1888      Mar 13, 1899
Sept 11, 1959      June 8, 1936