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Are you a beauty professional looking to build and expand your business? Finding the right coaches and mentors to guide you can be challenging, but it’s crucial for your success. In this article, we will explore the journey of Shawana, the founder of Beauty Untamed, and how she overcame obstacles with the help of Jason Wardrop’s coaching program. Through Shawana’s experiences, we will understand the importance of investing in coaching programs, the impact of guidance on business growth, and the opportunities for success in the beauty industry.

About Shawana and her Beauty Untamed company

Background and challenges

Shawana is an accomplished beauty professional, a makeup artist, esthetician, and permanent makeup artist. As a single mother, she faced numerous hurdles when entering the beauty industry. Shawana struggled to find coaches and mentors who could provide her with the necessary insights and guidance to succeed in her business. Without proper support, she realized she would have to invest thousands of dollars in coaching programs to learn how to build her business.

The need for coaches and mentors

Coaches and mentors play a crucial role in any industry, especially in highly competitive fields like the beauty business. Shawana understood the immense value they could bring to her journey, helping her navigate challenges, fine-tune her strategies, and provide valuable guidance based on their own experiences. However, finding the right coach or mentor can be a daunting task, as not everyone has the expertise and ability to meet individual needs.

Investing in coaching programs

Recognizing the importance of finding the right guidance, Shawana decided to invest in coaching programs. She understood that these programs would equip her with the knowledge and tools necessary to build her business successfully. Despite the financial commitment required, Shawana believed it was a worthwhile investment in herself and her future.

Desire to expand her business

Once Shawana had achieved a certain level of success in her business, she knew it was time to expand and explore new opportunities. This was when she discovered Jason Wardrop through YouTube and began watching his videos. Intrigued by his insights and approach, Shawana decided to join Jason’s coaching program to further develop her skills and take her business to new heights.

Discovering Jason Wardrop through YouTube

In search of guidance and inspiration, Shawana stumbled upon Jason Wardrop’s YouTube channel. Intrigued by the valuable content he shared, she watched several of his videos for several months. Impressed by Jason’s expertise and genuine desire to help others succeed, Shawana knew that joining his coaching program could be the game-changer she needed for her beauty business.

Joining Jason Wardrop’s program

Initial expectations

When Shawana decided to join Jason’s coaching program, she was unsure of what to expect. She didn’t have a solid understanding of how the program would work or how it would benefit her specific needs. Nonetheless, she was excited to embark on this new journey and trusted Jason’s ability to meet her where she was in her business.

Jason’s approach and support

What Shawana loved the most about Jason’s program was his personalized approach. Unlike other coaches she had worked with in the past, Jason truly met her where she was in her entrepreneurial journey. His calm and collective way of dialing back the complexity of running multiple businesses resonated with Shawana. Jason provided her with actual tactics and encouraged her to try different approaches while ensuring she didn’t jump from one strategy to another without fully exploring its potential.

Clarity and guidance provided by Jason

Through Jason’s coaching program, Shawana gained a newfound sense of clarity in growing and expanding her beauty business. His guidance helped her refine her strategies and streamline her approach, allowing her to be more intentional with her actions. By adhering to the plan outlined by Jason, Shawana experienced substantial growth, which exceeded her expectations.

Affordability of the program

One aspect that thrilled Shawana was the affordability of Jason’s program. She had previously paid significant sums of money for coaching and programs, only to be left wanting. Jason’s program provided immense value without the exorbitant price tag, making it accessible to entrepreneurs like Shawana, who were determined to invest in themselves.

Recommendation for Jason’s program

Impressed with the results she achieved through Jason’s coaching program, Shawana wholeheartedly recommends it to others in the beauty industry looking to grow their businesses. She highlights Jason’s commitment to showing up for his clients, answering questions promptly, and providing the support they need to thrive. Shawana considers him not only a coach but also a friend and a valuable resource in her entrepreneurial journey.

Results and Success

Achieving $23k in two and a half months

Thanks to Jason’s guidance and her commitment to the plan, Shawana achieved tremendous success within just two and a half months. She generated an impressive $23k in revenue, surpassing her initial expectations. Shawana’s dedication and adherence to the strategies outlined by Jason allowed her business to thrive and grow at a remarkable pace.

Sticking to the plan and being intentional

One of the key factors contributing to Shawana’s success was her ability to stick to the plan provided by Jason. By avoiding distractions and remaining focused on her goals, she was able to achieve continuous growth. Shawana’s intentional actions and determination to stay the course played a significant role in the consistent expansion of her beauty business.

Continuous growth and expansion

Shawana’s success did not end with the initial surge in revenue. Through the ongoing support and guidance provided by Jason, her business continued to grow and expand. Shawana embraced the opportunities that came her way, leveraging Jason’s expertise to improve her strategies and seize new prospects. With a clear vision and Jason’s assistance, Shawana is confident that her growth trajectory will continue well into the future.

Positive impact of Jason’s guidance

The impact of Jason’s guidance on Shawana’s beauty business cannot be overstated. His expertise, genuine care for his clients, and willingness to provide support whenever needed has proven to be invaluable. Shawana credits Jason’s coaching program for giving her the tools and insights required to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

Future opportunities for growth

Having experienced significant success under Jason’s guidance, Shawana is excited about the future opportunities for growth in her beauty business. She recognizes that there is still immense potential waiting to be unlocked and is confident that with Jason’s continued support, she will be able to explore new avenues, expand her reach, and make an even greater impact in the beauty industry.

Connecting with Shawana

Website and business information

To learn more about Shawana and her Beauty Untamed company, you can visit her website at beautyuntamed.com. There, you will find detailed information about her services, background, and approach to beauty business strategies.

YouTube and Instagram presence

For valuable insights and content related to the beauty industry, follow Shawana on her YouTube channel, Beauty Untamed. Shawana shares her experiences, tips, and tricks to help beauty professionals excel in their businesses. Even though she doesn’t have a significant Instagram presence, Shawana emphasizes the importance of cultivating relationships, both in-person and online, to drive business growth.

The Beauty Business Mastermind group

Shawana also hosts a free Facebook group called The Beauty Business Mastermind. This group offers a supportive community for beauty professionals to connect, share insights, and learn from each other. It is an excellent resource for those seeking guidance and looking to connect with like-minded individuals in the beauty industry.

Cultivating relationships for business growth

Through her experience and Jason’s guidance, Shawana has realized the importance of cultivating relationships for business growth. She understands that establishing meaningful connections with clients and fellow professionals can lead to valuable opportunities. Shawana encourages others to prioritize relationship-building and leverage connections to propel their beauty businesses forward.

Final thoughts and invitation to work with Jason

In conclusion, Shawana’s journey with Beauty Untamed and Jason Wardrop’s coaching program is a testament to the transformative power of guidance and support. By investing in coaching programs and working with mentors who truly understand your needs, you can achieve remarkable results and unlock the immense potential of your beauty business. Shawana invites all beauty professionals looking for advice on growing their businesses to connect with her through her website, YouTube channel, or Facebook group. She highlights the incredible value of working with Jason Wardrop, who provides the necessary tools, guidance, and support to help you take your beauty business to new heights.


Building a successful beauty business requires dedicated effort, strategic planning, and guidance from experienced professionals. Shawana’s journey demonstrates the crucial role of coaches and mentors in overcoming challenges and achieving rapid growth. By investing in the right coaching program, sticking to a plan, and being intentional, beauty professionals can achieve exceptional results. Jason Wardrop’s coaching program has proven to be an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, providing clarity, support, and proven strategies to excel in the beauty industry. With Shawana’s success as inspiration, aspiring beauty entrepreneurs can confidently take steps to grow their businesses and make a meaningful impact in the industry.