How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency with No Experience and Make $0-$10k per Month in 90 Days

In the video “How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency with No Experience and Make $0-$10k per Month in 90 Days”, Jason Wardrop shares his own success story and strategies for starting a profitable agency. The goal is to help aspiring digital marketers achieve financial success by finding small local businesses in need of marketing help. Jason demonstrates how to use Google to find potential clients and emphasizes the importance of showing up in top search results and having good reviews. He also introduces various software tools and systems that can automate the process of generating Google reviews, capturing potential customers through missed call text back services, and providing instant communication with customers through web chat widgets. With these strategies and services, Jason suggests charging $300 to $500 per month, making it affordable for small local businesses.

In this comprehensive video, Jason Wardrop offers actionable steps and real-time data to guide you in starting a profitable digital marketing agency. He addresses the two core aspects of the business: finding clients and fulfilling their needs. By leveraging software tools and systems, he demonstrates how to automate processes and ensure recurring revenues. The strategies outlined in the video provide a practical approach to help beginners get started and achieve financial success within 90 days. To further assist aspiring digital marketers, Jason offers a free course and extended 30-day trial of the software used in the strategies discussed.

Step 1: Identifying Potential Clients

As a digital marketing agency, one of the first steps you need to take is to identify potential clients. Small local business owners are a great target market, as they often need help with their marketing efforts. One effective way to find these potential clients is by using Google.

Using Google to Find Small Local Business Owners

To start the process, simply go to Google and type in the type of business you want to target, along with the location. For example, if you want to work with dentists in Tallahassee, Florida, you would type in “dentists Tallahassee” or “dentists near me”.

This will bring up a list of dentists in the area, along with their Google reviews and ratings. It’s important to show up in the top search results, as potential customers are more likely to choose a business that appears at the top of the list.

Importance of Top Search Results and Good Reviews

Having good reviews and a high rating on Google is crucial for small local businesses. When someone is searching for a product or service, they are more likely to choose a business that has positive reviews and is highly rated.

By targeting small local businesses with lower search engine rankings and helping them improve their online visibility and reputation, you can offer valuable services that will greatly benefit their business and attract more clients.

Step 2: Setting Up Automated Missed Call Text Back Service

Once you have identified potential clients, it’s important to prevent them from moving on to the next business if they are unable to get through on a phone call. Setting up an automated missed call text back service can help capture potential customers who couldn’t reach the business on their initial call.

Preventing Potential Customers from Moving On

When someone calls a business and they are unable to speak with a representative, they might move on to the next business on the list. By implementing an automated text back service, you can send a text message to the potential customer, letting them know that their call is important and that someone will get back to them shortly. This helps to keep the potential customer engaged and interested in the business.

Success Stories of Using this Strategy

Many businesses have seen success by implementing an automated missed call text back service. By providing timely and immediate communication with potential customers, businesses have been able to capture leads that would have otherwise been lost. This strategy has resulted in increased customer engagement and higher conversion rates for businesses.

Step 3: Improving Online Visibility and Reputation

Improving a business’s online visibility and reputation is a key component of successful digital marketing strategies. By utilizing Google reviews and high ratings, you can help businesses appear at the top of search engine results for their target keywords.

Utilizing Google Reviews and High Ratings

Encouraging clients to ask for and collect positive Google reviews is an effective way to boost their online visibility. When potential customers search for a specific business or service, they are more likely to choose one with a high number of positive reviews.

By implementing strategies to improve Google reviews and ratings, you can help businesses attract more customers and stand out from their competition.

Reaching Out to Businesses and Offering Help

Once you have identified potential clients, reach out to them and offer your expertise in improving their online visibility and reputation. Explain the benefits of having a strong online presence and how it can attract more customers to their business.

By offering to help them implement strategies to increase their Google reviews and ratings, you can establish yourself as a valuable resource and partner for their marketing needs.

Step 4: Setting Up System for Generating Google Reviews

Generating Google reviews is an important aspect of digital marketing. By connecting a business’s Google account and sending review invites to customers, you can help businesses increase their online reputation and attract more customers.

Connecting Business’s Google Account

To start generating Google reviews, you need to connect the business’s Google account to the software tools you will be using. This will allow you to track and manage the reviews more efficiently.

Sending Review Invites to Customers

Once the Google account is connected, you can start sending review invites to the business’s customers. These invites can be personalized and sent via email or text message.

By making it easy for customers to leave reviews, you can boost the number of positive reviews and improve the business’s online reputation.

Step 5: Implementing Auto Miss Call Text Back System

Implementing an auto miss call text back system is another effective strategy for capturing potential customers who were unable to reach the business on a phone call. This system sends a text message to the customer, letting them know that their call is important and that someone will get back to them.

Capturing Potential Customers

By implementing an auto miss call text back system, you can capture potential customers who may have moved on to the next business if their initial call went unanswered. This system helps to keep potential customers engaged and interested in the business.

Benefits of Using this System

Using an auto miss call text back system has several benefits. It allows for immediate communication with potential customers, increases customer engagement, and improves the likelihood of converting leads into customers. This system helps businesses provide excellent customer service and ensures that no potential customer is left behind.

Step 6: Adding Web Chat Widget to Business’s Website

Providing instant communication with customers is essential in today’s fast-paced digital world. Adding a web chat widget to a business’s website allows customers to get instant answers to their questions and concerns.

Providing Instant Communication with Customers

By adding a web chat widget to a business’s website, you can provide customers with instant communication. This allows them to get their questions answered quickly and without having to make a phone call or send an email. Instant communication helps to build trust and improves customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Instant Chat Support

Instant chat support offers several benefits for businesses. It allows for immediate customer assistance, reduces response time, and enhances customer experience. This feature can be especially helpful for businesses that receive a high volume of customer inquiries or want to provide 24/7 customer support.

Step 7: Utilizing Unified Inbox for Communication Channels

Managing multiple communication channels can be challenging for businesses. By utilizing a unified inbox, you can integrate communication channels such as Google Chat, Facebook, text messages, and reviews into one location.

Integration of Google Chat, Facebook, Text Messages, and Reviews

A unified inbox allows businesses to streamline their communication channels. By integrating Google Chat, Facebook, text messages, and reviews into one unified inbox, businesses can efficiently manage their customer inquiries, respond to reviews, and engage with customers.

Advantages of Unified Inbox

A unified inbox offers several advantages for businesses. It enables efficient communication management, reduces the risk of missing customer inquiries, improves response time, and enhances overall customer experience. By centralizing communication channels, businesses can stay organized and provide prompt and effective customer support.

Step 8: Pricing and Service Offerings

Determining the right pricing range for small local businesses is crucial. As a digital marketing agency, it’s important to offer services that are affordable for these businesses while still providing value.

Determining the Right Pricing Range for Small Local Businesses

When setting pricing for your services, consider the budget limitations of small local businesses. Aim for a pricing range that is reasonable and affordable for them. This will attract more clients and ensure long-term partnerships.

Services Offered and Affordability

Offer a range of services that meet the needs of small local businesses. This may include website design, search engine optimization, social media management, and content creation. Ensure that your pricing is competitive and provides a good return on investment for your clients.

Step 9: Offering Free Course and Extended Trial

To assist aspiring digital marketers and attract more clients, offer a free course and extended trial of the software tools and strategies used in your agency.

Assistance for Aspiring Digital Marketers

By offering a free course, you can provide valuable information and guidance to aspiring digital marketers. This establishes you as an authority in the industry and builds trust with potential clients.

Benefits of Free Course and Trial

A free course and extended trial offer several benefits. They attract more potential clients, provide hands-on experience with your software tools and strategies, and allow clients to see the value you provide before committing to a long-term partnership. This strategy helps to build credibility and increases the likelihood of success for both clients and your agency.


Starting a digital marketing agency with no experience is possible with the right strategies and tools in place. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can identify potential clients, improve their online visibility and reputation, and offer valuable services that help them attract more customers. The opportunities for starting a successful digital marketing agency are vast, and with dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goal of making $0-$10k per month in 90 days.