$4,400 Digital Marketing Agency In Her First 24 Hours!!

Hey there! I wanted to share this amazing success story that I came across recently. It’s about a woman named Alison who joined the six-figure agency course and managed to close a really big client within just a couple of days. She was missing a crucial piece in her coaching program called Agent Authority Mastery, which was the ability to offer leads immediately. Thankfully, Jason Wardrop’s course provided her with the tools and strategies to implement things quickly and effectively for both existing and new clients. In fact, just two days after purchasing the course, Alison closed a client worth $4,400 who prepaid for three months of coaching. She was even able to implement ads for them as a bonus. Alison is incredibly grateful to Jason for his informative and practical content, and she highly recommends his course for anyone in the consulting or agency industry.

This success story is just one example of the valuable insights and step-by-step instructions you can expect from Jason Wardrop’s course. It’s not limited to real estate agents; the principles he teaches can be applied to various consulting businesses and industries. So if you’re considering buying the six-figure agency course, Alison gives it a perfect rating of 10 out of 10 and encourages you to take the leap. With Jason’s guidance, she’s seen incredible results, and she wishes the same for everyone watching. Good luck, and here’s to your own digital marketing success!

$4,400 Digital Marketing Agency In Her First 24 Hours!!

Introduction to the success story

In the world of digital marketing, success stories are always inspiring and motivating. Such is the case with Alison, who managed to establish her digital marketing agency and earn an impressive $4,400 within the first 24 hours of starting her business. Her story showcases the potential and opportunities that exist in the digital marketing industry, and the impact that a comprehensive coaching program can have on achieving immediate success.

How the digital marketing agency was established

Alison’s journey began when she enrolled in Jason Wardrop’s renowned course, the “Six Figure Agency.” This course provided her with the necessary knowledge and guidance to start her own digital marketing agency. With a desire to learn, Alison actively participated in the program, dedicating her time and effort to absorb and implement the strategies taught by Jason.

The importance of a coaching program

As Alison was already a part of the coaching program called “Agent Authority Mastery,” she recognized the missing piece needed to offer immediate leads to her clients. A coaching program plays a vital role in filling in the gaps and providing the necessary expertise to excel in the digital marketing industry. Alison quickly realized that immediate leads were essential for her clients to start implementing the skills she was teaching them. A coaching program like the one Alison joined not only provides valuable knowledge but also offers guidance and support to ensure success.

Implementing strategies for immediate leads

With the assistance of Jason’s tutorials, Alison was able to quickly implement various strategies for her existing clients. This immediate action allowed her clients to start seeing results sooner and provided them with tangible proof of the effectiveness of her services. Moreover, Alison utilized what she learned to generate leads for new clients, enabling her to expand her client base and establish credibility in the industry. Within days of implementing these strategies, Alison experienced a successful outcome, setting the stage for her agency’s growth and success.

Closing on new deals

One of the notable achievements for Alison was securing a $4,400 client within the first couple of days after purchasing Jason’s course. The client not only trusted Alison’s expertise but also prepaid for three months of coaching. This commitment not only provided immediate revenue for the agency, but also showcased the potential for business expansion opportunities. The ability to close deals quickly and secure prepaid clients is a testament to the value Alison was able to provide through her newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The benefits of prepaid clients

The presence of prepaid clients brings stability to any agency, and Alison’s case was no different. A prepaid client ensures a guaranteed income for the coming months, allowing the agency to focus on delivering quality services rather than constantly seeking new clients. Additionally, prepaid clients help build trust and foster long-term relationships, which are crucial for sustained success in the digital marketing industry. By having a few prepaid clients, Alison was able to prioritize client success and tailor her services accordingly.

Adding bonus services

To further enhance the value she provided to her clients, Alison decided to include ads implementation as a bonus service. This value-added offering helped set Alison’s agency apart from competitors and showcased her commitment to going above and beyond for her clients’ success. By adding bonus services, Alison was able to differentiate her agency and solidify her position as a trusted partner for her clients.

Appreciation for Jason Wardrop

Alison expressed her sincerest gratitude towards Jason Wardrop for the wealth of information and guidance he provided in his course. She acknowledged the high quality of content and the straightforward and actionable advice given. Jason’s responsiveness to questions and concerns further contributed to Alison’s success. She thanked him for sharing his expertise and making a positive impact on her journey towards building a successful digital marketing agency.

Recommendations for the course

Drawing from her own experience, Alison highly recommended the “Six Figure Agency” course by Jason Wardrop. She emphasized the step-by-step instructions offered in the course, making it easy to follow and applicable to various consulting businesses, such as real estate agents and beyond. Alison believed that the principles Jason taught could be applied to almost any consulting or agency industry. Her endorsement of the course serves as a testament to its effectiveness and value.


Alison’s success story is an inspiration for anyone looking to establish their own digital marketing agency. Her ability to earn $4,400 within the first 24 hours of starting her business showcases the power of a comprehensive coaching program and the impact it can have on immediate success. As Alison reflects on her journey, she encourages others to sign up for the “Six Figure Agency” course, wishing everyone success in their own entrepreneurial endeavors.