Alfred Robison Biography (1829-1892)


Alfred Robison Biography (1829-1892)

Alfred Robison Biography (1829-1892)

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Alfred Robison Biography (1829-1892)

Born: 30 Nov 1829 Clay, New York
Died: 25 Sep 1892 Chicago, Illinois
Father: Joseph Robison
Mother: Lucretia Hancock
Siblings: Alfred Robison
Benjamin Hancock Robison
Joseph Vickery Robison
Alvin Locke Robison
Emily Robison
William Henry Robison
Mary Robison
Lucretia Proctor Robison
Proctor Hancock Robison
Almon Robison
Albert Robison
Adelia Robison
Franklin Alonzo Robison
Spouse: Eliza Ann Wilder
Married: 5 Dec 1852
Children: Adelia Estella Robinson
Almon Wilder Robison


Alfred Robison Biography (1829-1892)

Based upon Lucretia Lyman Ranney’s sketch in American Ancestry of Joseph Robison and his wife Lucretia Hancock, p. 9:

Alfred Robison was born on the 30th of November, 1829 at Clay, Onondaga, New York.

His parents are Joseph Robison and Lucretia Hancock. Alfred was their oldest son and first child.

His brothers and sisters are Benjamin Hancock, Joseph Vickery, Alvin Locke, Emily, William Henry, Mary, Lucretia Proctor, Proctor Hancock, Almon, Albert, Adelia and Franklin Alonzo.

He did not join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or come to Utah with his parents, but lived in Chicago.

He married Eliza Ann Wilder on the 5th of December, 1852.

Their children are Adelia Estella and Almon Wilder Robison.

He died on the 25th of September, 1892 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

Grandfather’s brother, John’s granddaughter Lovina Babcock visited in Fillmore a short time after Alfred died, and she told Lucretia that Alfred died on Sunday. The Friday night before he died he talked of his mother all night.

Alfred’s mother died about seven years after he did. In about 1906 the old Post Office in Fillmore was moved and when the old cabinet work was torn out they found several letters, one of them for Lucretia H. Robison from her son Alfred written in about 1888.

He said if she could forgive and forget the bitter, unkind things he had said when they parted, and would enjoy a visit from him, nothing would please him more or make him happier that to visit her.

This letter which had lain hidden in the dark for fourteen years contained a message which, if it could have been delivered would have made both mother and son happy.

No doubt Alfred wondered as his life drew to a close why his mother had failed to answer his letter.

Alfred Robison Biography (1829-1892)


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Alford, 20, m, farmer, 250, NY
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Alfred ROBINSON Self M M W 50 NY Occ: Reciever S. Car Off. Fa: NY Mo: NY

Eliza Wife F M W 48 OH Occ: Keeping House Fa: NY Mo: NY
Delia Dau F S W 22 IL Occ: Teacher Fa: NY Mo: OH
Nellie SMITH Dau F S W 14 WI Occ: At School Fa: WI Mo: WI

Query: Who is Nellie Smith really, and how is she related to Alfred?–SDR
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