How to Generate $9k per Month with a Simple Digital Marketing Agency Hack

In the video “How to Generate $9k per Month with a Simple Digital Marketing Agency Hack,” Jason Wardrop reveals a groundbreaking strategy that requires no marketing experience, tech skills, or upfront investment to start. The conventional approach for digital marketing agencies involves running Facebook ads for local businesses, but this often leads to inconsistent income as clients cancel after a few months. The “hack” involves charging clients $300 per month using software systems and tools instead of Facebook ads, which not only makes it more affordable for small businesses but also eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance or ad campaigns. By upselling clients to an annual plan where they pay $3000 upfront, it’s possible to make $9000 per month with just three new clients. The video also offers additional free training on implementing this model, making it a perfect opportunity for complete beginners to generate a six-figure income.

How to Generate $9k per Month with a Simple Digital Marketing Agency Hack


In this article, we will discuss a unique digital marketing agency hack that has the potential to generate $9k per month. The best part? You don’t need any marketing experience, tech skills, or money to start. This innovative approach deviates from the traditional digital marketing agency models that often lead to inconsistent income and client cancellations. By following this $300 hack, you can create a sustainable and profitable digital marketing agency.

Understanding the Flaws in Traditional Digital Marketing Agency Models

The typical strategy for digital marketing agencies involves running Facebook ads for local businesses and charging them $1500-2000 per month. However, this model is flawed for several reasons. Firstly, it requires marketing experience and tech skills to effectively run Facebook ads. Secondly, clients often cancel their contracts after a few months, resulting in inconsistent income. This inconsistency can make it challenging to maintain the revenue level needed for a successful agency.

The $300 Hack: A New Approach

To overcome the flaws in traditional digital marketing agency models, we introduce the $300 hack. Instead of relying on Facebook ads, this approach utilizes software systems and tools to provide value to clients. By charging a lower monthly fee of $300, small local businesses can afford the service. This new approach removes the need for ongoing maintenance or ad campaigns, making it more sustainable and efficient for agency owners.

Step 1: Setting Up the Client and Software Systems

The first step in implementing the $300 hack is to set up the client and software systems. Start by identifying the right target clients, preferably small local businesses that can benefit from digital marketing services. Once identified, explain the value proposition to potential clients, emphasizing the affordability and effectiveness of the services provided. After securing clients, configure and set up software systems to automate the fulfillment process. Ensure proper functionality through testing before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Upselling Clients to an Annual Plan

One of the keys to generating consistent income with the $300 hack is upselling clients to an annual plan. By offering an annual plan, clients can save money and receive uninterrupted service. Communicate the benefits of the annual plan to clients, emphasizing the cost savings and peace of mind they will experience. Price and package the annual plan in a way that is appealing to clients and incentivizes them to upgrade from the monthly plan.

Step 3: Acquiring Three New Clients per Month

To achieve the $9k per month goal, it is essential to acquire three new clients each month. Start by finding prospective clients through various methods such as online directories, social media platforms, and networking events. Reach out to these prospects and pitch the $300 hack, highlighting the affordability and effectiveness of the service. Use persuasive tactics to convert prospects into paying clients, ensuring a steady stream of revenue and growth for your agency.

The Power of Recurring Revenue

One of the significant advantages of implementing the $300 hack is the power of recurring revenue. By offering services on a monthly or annual basis, you can ensure consistent income as clients renew their plans. This recurring revenue model creates stability for your agency and allows you to build long-term relationships with clients. As your agency grows, consider expanding your client base to increase your earnings and achieve even higher levels of success.


In conclusion, the $300 hack is a game-changer for aspiring digital marketing agency owners. By shifting away from traditional strategies and embracing software systems and tools, you can generate $9k per month without the need for marketing experience, tech skills, or significant upfront investment. The step-by-step approach outlined in this article allows for easy implementation, and the power of recurring revenue ensures long-term financial stability and growth for your agency.

Additional Free Training for Successful Implementation

For additional guidance and support in implementing the $300 hack, we offer free training resources. Access in-depth training materials that provide detailed explanations of the services involved and offer tips and strategies for scaling your business. Learn from real-life success stories from those who have successfully implemented this model. Take advantage of this free training to maximize the potential of your digital marketing agency.