How to Get Over 1,000 SMMA Clients Without a Sales Team

In this article, “How to Get Over 1,000 SMMA Clients Without a Sales Team,” you’ll discover an effective strategy shared by Jason Wardrop. He reveals the sales funnel that allowed him to rapidly scale his business and gain over 15,000 paying clients for his real estate software company. The success of this sales funnel lies in starting with a webinar that sells a product for $997, with an order form bump option for $297. After the initial sale, there is an upsell for a done-for-you service priced at $2,497. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being able to invest more in acquiring customers to stay ahead of the competition. This article provides valuable insights into the strategies used to generate significant revenue in a business and achieve high profit margins.

By implementing this sales funnel, Jason Wardrop generated an impressive $100,000 from his initial webinar, and an additional $27,500 by incorporating an order form bump and a one-click upsell. The business also benefited from a $199/month software subscription that contributed to its revenue. With a conversion rate of 2-3% from webinar attendees to customers, the remaining contacts were nurtured through email marketing. The success of this strategy allowed for scaling, greater brand awareness, and the potential for unlimited growth by offering high-ticket products. Sales were conducted through automated webinars, eliminating the need for sales calls. If you want to learn more about this powerful sales funnel and access additional resources, be sure to explore the paid program offered by Jason Wardrop.

How to Get Over 1,000 SMMA Clients Without a Sales Team

If you’re looking to grow your SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) without the need for a sales team, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will discuss a specific sales funnel that will help you attract and convert clients effectively. This strategy has been proven successful, as it enabled Jason Wardrop, the speaker in the video, to scale rapidly and gain over 15,000 paying clients for his own real estate software business. So let’s dive in and learn how you can do the same!

Starting with a Webinar

The first step in this sales funnel is to host a webinar. Webinars are an excellent way to engage with your target audience, provide valuable information, and showcase your expertise. During the webinar, you can introduce your product or service and explain how it can benefit your potential clients. It’s crucial to deliver a compelling presentation that addresses their pain points and presents your solution as the answer they’ve been looking for.

Selling a Product for $997

After conducting the webinar, the next step is to make an offer. In the case of Jason Wardrop, he sold a product for $997. This product included training templates, three months access to his software, and other valuable resources. The key is to ensure that your product offers significant value to your clients and solves a problem they are facing. By pricing it competitively, you create an incentive for them to make a purchase.

Order Form Bump Option for $297

To generate additional revenue and increase the value of each sale, Jason Wardrop implemented an order form bump. This is an upsell option that appears on the order form, allowing customers to add an extra product or service for an additional cost. In this case, the order form bump was priced at $297. Approximately 25% of customers who bought the initial product also opted for the order form bump, resulting in an increase in revenue per customer.

Upselling a Done-for-You Service for $2,497

To further maximize revenue, Jason introduced an upsell option for a done-for-you service priced at $2,497. This service offered clients a comprehensive solution to their needs, where professionals would handle all aspects of lead generation and set up. While this may seem like a high price point, approximately 8% of customers chose this option, resulting in additional income for the business.

The Importance of Spending More on Acquiring Customers

In a competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to be able to spend more on acquiring customers. As Jason Wardrop mentions in the video, the business that can pay the most to acquire a new customer is more likely to succeed. As advertising costs continue to rise, being able to outspend competitors gives you an advantage. By offering high-value products and services, you can justify a higher price point and increase your customer acquisition budget.

Success Story: Getting over 15,000 Paying Clients

Jason Wardrop’s own real estate software business is a testament to the success of this sales funnel strategy. By implementing the steps outlined above, he was able to attract and convert over 15,000 paying clients. This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of the sales funnel and its potential to drive significant growth for your business.

Strategies to Generate Significant Revenue

In addition to the success story mentioned above, there are several strategies you can implement to generate significant revenue using this sales funnel.

Starting with a Webinar and Generating $100,000

Jason mentioned that when he first started implementing this sales funnel, he generated $100,000 from webinars alone. This milestone highlights the power of webinars as a lead generation and sales tool. By delivering compelling content and addressing the needs of your target audience, you can generate substantial revenue from webinar attendees.

Increasing Revenue with Order Form Bump and One-Click Upsell

By adding an order form bump option and a one-click upsell, you can significantly increase your revenue per customer. As mentioned earlier, approximately 25% of customers opted for the order form bump, resulting in an additional $300 in revenue per sale. Similarly, the upsell for the done-for-you service brought in extra revenue from 8% of customers.

The Impact of a $199/Month Software Subscription

One of the key revenue streams in this sales funnel is a monthly software subscription priced at $199. After the initial sale, customers were offered the option to continue using the software for a monthly fee. This recurring revenue further contributed to the overall revenue of the business and created a long-term relationship with the clients.

Converting 2-3% of Webinar Attendees into Customers

Converting webinar attendees into customers is a critical aspect of the sales funnel. While not everyone who attends the webinar will make a purchase, a conversion rate of 2-3% is considered successful. This means that out of every 100 webinar attendees, around 2 to 3 will become paying clients. By improving your webinar content and presentation skills, you can increase this conversion rate and attract more customers.

Nurturing Contacts through Email Marketing

Not all webinar attendees will immediately convert into customers. That’s why it’s important to have an email marketing strategy in place to nurture these contacts and keep them engaged. By providing valuable content and building a relationship with your audience, you increase the chances of them becoming customers in the future. Email marketing is an effective tool for staying top of mind and driving conversions.

Scaling and Increasing Brand Awareness

Once you have established your sales funnel and started generating revenue, it’s time to scale your business and increase brand awareness. Scaling can be achieved through various means, such as increasing your advertising efforts, expanding your reach to new markets, or partnering with other businesses. By focusing on brand awareness and continuously improving your sales funnel, you can attract a larger audience and increase your client base.

Exceeding Advertising Costs with Upsell Revenue

One of the key advantages of this sales funnel strategy is that the revenue generated from upsells often exceeds the advertising costs. This means that even if you spend a significant amount on advertising, the additional income from upsells will cover those expenses and result in a profit. By carefully managing your costs and optimizing your upsell options, you can achieve a profitable business model.

Achieving High Profit Margins and Unlimited Growth

By offering high-ticket products and services, you have the opportunity to achieve high profit margins and unlimited growth. The key is to provide exceptional value and position your offerings as premium solutions to your clients’ problems. This approach allows you to charge higher prices, increase your revenue per customer, and create a sustainable business model that can support rapid growth.

Sales without the Need for Sales Calls

One of the remarkable aspects of this sales funnel strategy is that it eliminates the need for sales calls. By using automated webinars and a well-designed sales process, you can effectively sell your products and services without direct sales interactions. This not only saves time and resources but also allows you to reach a larger audience and convert customers at scale.

Additional Information and Resources in the Paid Program

If you want to dive deeper into the details of this sales funnel strategy and access additional resources, Jason Wardrop offers a paid program. This program provides comprehensive training and guidance on how to implement the sales funnel effectively and achieve similar results. While the paid program can be beneficial, the information provided in this article should give you a solid understanding of the strategy and its potential for success.

In conclusion, getting over 1,000 SMMA clients without a sales team is possible by implementing a specific sales funnel. Starting with a webinar, selling a product, utilizing order form bumps and one-click upsells, and offering a done-for-you service are the key steps in this strategy. By spending more on acquiring customers, nurturing contacts through email marketing, and scaling your business, you can generate significant revenue and achieve unlimited growth. The success story of Jason Wardrop’s real estate software business highlights the effectiveness of this sales funnel, and additional strategies can further boost your revenue. With high profit margins and the ability to sell without the need for sales calls, this sales funnel offers a practical and scalable solution for SMMA growth.