Jason Wardrop Explains His YouTube Departure and Future Plans

So, you’ve probably heard that Jason Wardrop, the popular YouTube creator, has decided to step away from the platform. In his recent video, he opens up about why he made this difficult decision and what he has planned for the future. It turns out that his channel was demonetized due to false views on one of his videos, causing a significant drop in his AdSense revenue. But don’t worry, Jason isn’t giving up completely. He’s been using this time away from YouTube to work on other projects, including creating a course on affiliate marketing and building checklists and blueprints. He even shares his success in the affiliate marketing world, earning over $100,000 in commissions for the month of December. Ultimately, Jason plans to return to YouTube, albeit with a reduced frequency, focusing on creating higher quality content. So, if you’re a fan of his videos or interested in his affiliate marketing strategies, be sure to check out his latest video and let him know your thoughts on his new YouTube studio setup.

Reasons for Quitting YouTube

AdSense Revenue Drop

One of the main reasons Jason Wardrop decided to quit YouTube was the significant drop in his AdSense revenue. For a long time, he had been earning a consistent income from his YouTube channel, making around $200-500 per day. This consistent stream of revenue was a bonus for him, as it wasn’t the main driver of income for his business but rather a nice additional income. However, around October 21st, his earnings took a drastic hit, dropping to only $15-20 per day. This sudden decline in earnings was puzzling and concerning for him, as it was a significant drop from his usual earnings.

Demonetization of Channel

After discovering the dramatic drop in his AdSense revenue, Jason reached out to YouTube Creator support for answers. To his surprise, he learned that his channel had been demonetized due to false views on one of his videos. This was a frustrating situation for him, as he believed that the false views were not limited to just one video but rather affected his entire channel. He tried to escalate the issue with YouTube Creator support, but their responses were unhelpful and vague. Despite his frustration with this situation, he remained hopeful that the demonetization would only be temporary, as he had heard of similar issues being resolved after a few months.

Three-Month Hiatus

In light of the challenges he faced with the drop in AdSense revenue and the demonetization of his channel, Jason decided to take a three-month hiatus from YouTube. During this break, he focused on other projects and endeavors. One of the main projects he worked on was creating a course on affiliate marketing. Jason had been successful in this field and wanted to share his knowledge and expertise with others who were interested in learning about affiliate marketing. He also spent time creating checklists and blueprints that could help others in their own entrepreneurial pursuits. This hiatus allowed him to take a step back from YouTube and explore other avenues that could potentially generate income and further his expertise.

Personal Reasons

Aside from the challenges he faced with his YouTube channel, Jason had personal reasons for taking a break from creating content. One major life event was the birth of his child. As a father, he wanted to be fully present and available for his family during this special time. He saw this hiatus as an opportunity to spend quality time with his wife and children, particularly his newborn. Additionally, he went through a health scare during this period, which further reinforced his decision to prioritize his well-being and put a pause on creating content for YouTube.

Plans for the Future

Although Jason took a break from YouTube, he plans to return to the platform. He understands the value and reach that YouTube provides and doesn’t want to completely give up on the platform he built. However, he does intend to change his approach moving forward. Instead of posting videos frequently, he plans to reduce the frequency of his content and focus more on creating high-quality videos. This will allow him to allocate more time and effort into each video, ensuring that they provide value and engage his audience effectively.

Success in Affiliate Marketing

During his hiatus from YouTube, Jason found success in the field of affiliate marketing. In the month of December, he earned over $100,000 in commissions from his affiliate marketing endeavors alone. This level of success reinforced his belief that there are multiple avenues for income generation outside of YouTube. To assist others who may be interested in pursuing affiliate marketing, Jason created the Affiliate Cash Flow Academy. This resource provides valuable information and strategies for individuals who want to explore affiliate marketing as an income stream.

Feedback on YouTube Studio Setup

As Jason resumes creating content for YouTube, he sought feedback from his audience regarding his new YouTube studio setup. He wanted to ensure that the overall presentation and production value of his videos were appealing and professional. By receiving feedback from his audience, he could make any necessary adjustments and improvements to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Goal of Creating Videos

Moving forward, Jason’s goal is to create videos once or twice a week. This reduced frequency of content will allow him to focus on producing higher quality videos while still remaining consistent in his presence on the platform. By setting this goal, he aims to strike a balance between providing valuable content and maintaining a manageable workload.