Emma Jerutia McBride (1843-1884)

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Emma Jerutia McBride Dame
Dame, Emma Jerutia McBride.jpg
Emma Dame
Born: 14 Jul 1843 Kirtland, Ohio
Died: 2 May 1884 Fillmore, Utah
Father: Reuben McBride
Mother: Mary Ann Anderson
Siblings: Helen Venera McBride
Harriet Eliza McBride
Reuben Augustus McBride
Mary Louisa McBride
Roy Hyrum McBride
Emma Jerutia McBride
John Newton McBride
Laura Abigail McBride
Alice Melissa McBride
Jeff Davies
Spouse: Wesley William Dame
Married: 22 Jan 1860 Fillmore, Utah
Children: Rubye Dame
Wesley William Dame
Francella Dame
Mary Ann Dame
Laura Lovina Dame
Helen Dame
Leroy Dame
Harriet Dame

Day, Stella H., ed. Builders of Early Millard, pp. 153-154:

by Della Dame Edmunds,

Emma Jerutia McBride was born July 14, 1845 at Kirtland, Ohio, where she spent her early childhood. In 1852, when she was eight years of age she came to Utah with her parents. Her father was Reuben McBride and her mother was Mary Ann Anderson McBride. She was the sixth child of a family of eight children.

Emma Jerutia's mother had a burning testimony of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Reuben, the father, came to Utah first with a Company of Saints, but when he found that his wife was not strong enough to bring the family to Utah without his help, he went back and got them. They spent the first winter in Farmington and Springville in Utah, then moved to Fillmore where they remained the rest of their lives.

Emma grew up to be a very attractive young lady and fell in love with handsome Wesley Dame, whom she married January 22, 1860, in Fillmore. Her father performed the ceremony.

To Emma and Wesley were born eight children: Rubye who died as a child on November 23, 1861, and was buried in Fillmore. The next child was a boy, Wesley William. The next child, a girl whom they named Francella, followed by another girl, Mary Ann, (Maid), and next little Lovina, whom they called Vinnie. Emma left the children for a short time and when she came back she found little Vinnie burned to death. This was a great sorrow to the family, one from which the mother never recovered. Although Emma had three more children after Vinnie was burned, she still mourned for Vinnie; these three children were Helen, LeRoy and Harriet, (Hattie) in 1878. Hattie had a crippled foot and was not strong, she was a beautiful child and the family just adored her. She too died as a child.

Losing these three children was difficult for Emma to bear, health began to fail, she was not strong enough to care for her family. She finally was taken to her mother's home where she could have better care. She died however, May 2, 1884 of a general rundown condition. She was only 39 years old, but these pioneer women had so little medical help, there were no antibiotics to help fight infection, so people did not live as long.


UTGenWeb, Abstracts, Deseret News Weekly, 14 May 1884:

Died, Fillmore, May 2, 1884, Emma J wife of Wesley W DAME and daughter of Reuben & Mary A MCBRIDE, born Kirkland, Ohio, July 14, 1843.


  • Birth: From death information.
  • Birth variant: 14 Jul 1845 [Builders, p. 153]
  • 1850 Federal Census, Ohio, Lake County, Kirtland District no. 85, Family #289, 21 October 1850:
McBride, Reuben
Emma, 7, f, OH
  • Marriage: Deseret News Weekly, February 1, 1860:
Married, Fillmore, 02 Jan 1860, Wesley W J DAME and Emma J MCBRIDE.
  • 1880 Federal Census, Fillmore, Millard, Utah:
Dame, Wesley W.
Emma, Wife, F, W, Md, 36, Keeping House, OH, NY, NY
  • Death: Lichfield, Beulah Menlove. Cemetery Records, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, p. 45:
Name: McBRIDE, Emma
Born: 14 Jul 1843
Age at Death:
Parents: Reuben McBride
Died: 2 May 1884
Buried: Block 101, Lot 3
Reported by:
  • Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 32:
BLK 101, Lot 3, Grave 7
d. 5-02-1884
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