Emma Luella Ashby (1879-1881)

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Emma Luella Ashby
Born: 21 Jan 1879 St. George, Utah
Died: 24 Apr 1881 St. George, Utah
Father: Nathaniel Ashby
Mother: Martha Ann Truman
Siblings: Richard Truman Ashby
Jacob Henry Ashby
Elizabeth Ann Ashby
Alice May Ashby
Emma Luella Ashby
Rodney Carlos Ashby

Emma Luella Ashby was born January 21st, 1879 in St. George, Washington, Utah.

Her parents are Nathaniel Ashby and Martha Ann Truman.

Her siblings are, Richard Truman, Jacob Henry, Elizabeth Ann, Alice May and Rodney Carlos Ashby.

She died April 24th, 1881, at St. George, Washington, Utah. She was the third child to die in the Ashby household that week.


  • Name variations:
Luna Lucilla [Black, p. 627]
Emma Lucilla [AF, Ashby p. 31]
  • Ashby, Robert L. Ashby Ancestry, page 31:
Children of Nathaniel ASHBY and his wife,
Martha Ann (Truman) ASHBY
Emma Lucilla, Born January 2, 1879, died young
  • Birth: From burial information
  • Birth variant: 2 Jan 1879 [Ashby, p. 31]
  • 1880 Federal Census, St. George, Washington, Utah
Ashby, Nathaniel
, Emma L., daughter, single, female, white, 1, UT, MA, UT
  • Burial: Leany, Mrs. Mary M. W., compiler. St. George, Washington County Cemetery Records, 1861-1935, p. 4:
ASHBY, Emma L., b. 21 Jan 1879, St. George, Utah, d. of Nathaniel Ashby and Martha Ann Truman, d. 24 Apr 1881.
  • Black, Susan Easton. Membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 1830-1848, vol 2, p. 627
  • Ancestral File, AFN: 1MSV-C9.