Jason Wardrop’s $6M Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script Revealed

In Jason Wardrop’s $6M Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script video, he shares the secrets behind his success in gaining thousands of paying clients. To access the bonuses offered, it’s important not to use an ad blocker or chrome extension when clicking on the link. The content of the video focuses on the author’s experience with the sales script and how it helped him achieve impressive results. The webinar format breaks down the script into three key sections: the introduction, the content, and the offer. Templates and demonstrations are provided to show how easily the system can be implemented. The video concludes with an offer to join the six-figure agent 2.0 system, which includes leads training and CRM capabilities.

This webinar is a great resource for anyone in the digital marketing industry, especially those targeting real estate agents. The author’s sales script has resulted in 53 paying clients in a single day and over 15,000 clients over six years. The same framework has also generated over 10,000 referrals to the go high level software without the need for a large sales team. Throughout the video, the author emphasizes the importance of staying updated with current technology and marketing tools. The sales funnel includes upsells, bonuses, and guarantees to incentivize buyers. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from Jason Wardrop’s proven strategies for success in the digital marketing agency industry.

$6M Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script


Welcome to this comprehensive breakdown of the $6M Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script created by Jason Wardrop. In this article, we will walk you through the key components of this highly successful sales script and how you can implement it for your own business.

Content Section

The content section of the sales script is divided into three key steps: lead generation, follow-up and conversion, and scaling your business. Each step is essential in building a successful digital marketing agency. Let’s dive into each of these steps:

Lead Generation

The first step in the sales script focuses on lead generation. This is where you learn how to attract potential clients and generate interest in your services. Jason Wardrop shares templates and strategies to simplify the process of reaching out to potential clients.

Follow-Up and Conversion

Once you have generated leads, the next step is to follow up with them and convert them into paying clients. Jason provides valuable insights on effective follow-up strategies and demonstrates the simplicity of implementing these techniques. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships and nurturing leads to increase conversion rates.

Scaling Your Business

The final step in the content section is scaling your business. Jason shares his strategies and techniques to scale your digital marketing agency without the need for a large sales team. He explains how he referred over 10,000 people to the Go High Level software, showcasing the power of this sales script framework.

Offer or Close

After covering the content section, the sales script moves on to the offer or close. This is where you present potential clients with an opportunity to join your program or purchase your services. Jason emphasizes the importance of structuring your offer in a way that makes it easy for clients to take action. He provides templates, training, and even a done-for-you option to simplify the process for clients.

Different closing techniques are used, including comparisons to other platforms and showcasing case studies. Jason also highlights the value of getting one listing and making a profit, emphasizing the potential profitability for clients. Bonuses, guarantees, priority support, and coaching calls are also included as part of the package to incentivize buyers.


In terms of pricing, the $6M Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script offers different options ranging from $1,997 to $9.97. Jason mentions a lower price anchor of $25,000 as a point of comparison. The sales funnel includes upsells, such as Facebook Messenger Bots training and a done-for-you option, which adds extra value and revenue.

Jason shares that the price point that was successful for him was $997 or three payments of $367. He reveals that 65% of people chose the three payment option, while 35% chose to pay in full.


In conclusion, the $6M Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script created by Jason Wardrop is a powerful tool for building and scaling a successful digital marketing agency. By following the framework outlined in the sales script, you can generate leads, convert them into paying clients, and scale your business without the need for a large sales team.

Remember, the key components of the sales script are the intro, content section, and offer or close. By implementing the strategies and techniques shared by Jason, you can achieve remarkable results in your own business.

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Take advantage of this comprehensive sales script and unlock the potential for success in your digital marketing agency.