Promoting YouTube Videos and Growing Leads – Jason Wardrop’s Email Strategy

In this article, you will learn about Jason Wardrop’s email strategy for promoting YouTube videos and growing leads. Jason shares his experience of acquiring 456 digital marketing clients in just 23 days, all without spending a single dollar on advertising. He provides valuable insights and steps on how he transitioned from using paid ads on TikTok to posting long-form YouTube videos with a call to action to a webinar. In addition to this, Jason also reveals the bonus offers available when signing up through his affiliate link, including access to the Agency Partner Program, AI SaaS Accelerator, Real Estate Agency Accelerator, Affiliate Cashflow Academy, Private Members Community, Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Jason, and a 1 on 1 Business Kickoff Call. It’s important to note that Jason is an independent entity from HighLevel, and all opinions expressed in this article are his own. So, if you’re interested in learning a powerful strategy for promoting YouTube videos and growing your leads, keep reading!

Promoting YouTube Videos and Growing Leads – Jason Wardrop’s Email Strategy


Welcome to this comprehensive article on promoting YouTube videos and growing leads using Jason Wardrop’s email strategy. In this article, we will discuss how Jason Wardrop acquired 456 digital marketing clients in just 23 days without spending money on advertising. We will explore his YouTube video approach, the use of email marketing, and creating engaging content with different hooks. Additionally, we will delve into leveraging YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos, researching successful hooks in the industry, analyzing growth and results, and exploring new content ideas. Let’s dive in!

Using YouTube Videos as a Lead Generation Tool

Due to a suspension on his TikTok ad account, Jason Wardrop had to switch his marketing strategy and started using YouTube videos as a lead generation tool. He found success in posting long-form YouTube videos with a call to action to a webinar in the video description and top comment. By driving traffic to webinars through YouTube, he was able to increase organic reach and engagement, attracting potential leads and clients.

Utilizing Email Marketing

In addition to YouTube videos, Jason also utilized email marketing to promote his content and attract potential clients. He sent emails to his email list, informing them about his YouTube videos and encouraging them to watch and engage with the videos. By growing and nurturing his email list, Jason was able to establish a direct line of communication with his audience, allowing him to craft compelling email content that drives engagement and generates leads.

Creating Engaging Content with Different Hooks

One of the keys to Jason’s success in attracting leads through YouTube videos was his ability to create engaging content with different hooks. Hooks are attention-grabbing elements within the video that pique the viewer’s interest and encourage them to continue watching. Jason understood the importance of hooks and researched successful hooks in the industry. He built a spreadsheet of 30-40 hooks and mixed his core content with different hooks, resulting in over 400 variations of content. This approach allowed him to keep his videos fresh, engaging, and appealing to a wide audience.

Leveraging YouTube Shorts and TikTok Videos

To adapt to the growing popularity of short-form content, Jason also leveraged YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos. He recognized the potential of these platforms to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. By sharing content on both YouTube Shorts and TikTok, Jason was able to attract viewers from different platforms and further expand his reach. He experimented with different hooks and core content, adapting his strategy to suit the preferences of each platform’s audience.

Researching Successful Hooks in the Industry

Market research played a crucial role in Jason’s successful hook generation. He thoroughly researched successful hooks in the industry, identifying popular hooks that attracted a significant audience. By gathering insights from competitors and assessing the potential audience interest, Jason gained valuable knowledge on what hooks resonate with his target market. This research helped him create content that consistently grabbed viewers’ attention and generated leads.

Filming Core Content with Different Hooks

To produce engaging and diverse content, Jason focused on filming core video content with different hooks. He created 10-15 pieces of core content that formed the foundation of his videos. Then, he adapted various hooks for each video, resulting in over 400 content variations. By varying the hooks within his core content, Jason ensured that his videos catered to different audience preferences and increased the chances of attracting leads and clients.

Analyzing the Growth and Results

As Jason implemented his organic strategy through YouTube videos, he closely monitored the growth and results. He paid attention to video views, engagement metrics, lead generation, and sign-ups. By tracking these key metrics, Jason was able to assess the success of his YouTube approach compared to his previous paid advertising strategy on TikTok. The results revealed significant growth in views, leads, and sign-ups through his organic strategy. This analysis reaffirmed the effectiveness of utilizing YouTube videos and email marketing for lead generation.

Combining Organic Strategy with TikTok Ads

Once Jason’s suspension on TikTok was lifted, he planned to combine his successful organic strategy with TikTok ads. By leveraging the lessons and insights gained from his organic approach, he aimed to optimize his results with the addition of paid advertising on TikTok. This combination strategy would allow him to reach a wider audience and maximize his lead generation potential.

Exploring New Content Ideas

To continue his growth and success, Jason was open to exploring new content ideas. He acknowledged that viewer interest evolves over time and expressed a willingness to cater to different investment strategies if there was a significant interest from his audience. By staying adaptable and receptive to new content ideas, Jason ensured that his YouTube channel remained engaging and relevant to his viewers, thereby attracting and retaining more leads and clients.


Jason Wardrop’s email strategy for promoting YouTube videos and growing leads provides valuable insights into successful digital marketing tactics. By utilizing YouTube videos as a lead generation tool, leveraging email marketing, creating engaging content with different hooks, and adapting to short-form platforms like YouTube Shorts and TikTok, Jason achieved impressive results in acquiring digital marketing clients. Through market research, analyzing growth and results, and combining organic strategies with paid advertising, he demonstrated the importance of staying adaptable and continuously exploring new content ideas. By implementing similar strategies, aspiring digital marketers can enhance their lead generation efforts, attract more clients, and achieve success in their field.