John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)


John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)

John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)

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John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)

Born: 21 Jul 1814 Manchester, England
Died: 23 Jan 1883 Deseret, Utah
Father: Joseph Dewsnup
Mother: Ann Duncan
Siblings: Elizabeth Dewsnup
Joseph Dewsnup
John Duncan Dewsnup
Ann Dewsnup
Spouse: Jemima Topham
Married: 13 Mar 1836 Manchester, England
Children: Arthur Dewsnup
Esther Dewsnup
Joseph Dewsnup
Mary Dewsnup
Ann Dewsnup
Phoebe Dewsnup
John Topham Dewsnup
Hyrum Topham Dewsnup


John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)

From Dewsnup Family Ties, modified:

John Duncan Dewsnup, son of Joseph Dewsnup, was a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, being baptized in Manchester on 19 April 1850, by J. Yates, of the Manchester Branch.

He emigrated to America in 1863, with his family, and settled in Deseret, Millard, Utah.

On March 13, 1836, he married Jemima Topham, of Manchester, Lancashire, England. Their children were all born in Manchester, England.

There he was a member of the police force for 20 years. He filled a mission to England, having been set apart for the mission October 26, 1874, by the Apostle Orson Pratt.

He achieved the office of High Priest and died January 25, 1883, and was buried January 26, 1883, in Deseret.


John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)


Deseret News, Wednesday, January 31, 1883, page 16:

DEWSNUP. — In Deseret, January 23, 1883, John Dewsnup; born in the year 1814. He became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1850, in Manchester, England. Was a member of the Manchester police force for upwards of twenty years; held the office of High Priest, and tried to live and honor his calling, and died in full faith of the Gospel.

Mill. Star and Manchester Times please copy.


John Duncan Dewsnup Biography (1814-1883)


  • LDS Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Pamela Cuff

Family of: Holstein Monroe Warner & Ann Dewsnup
  • Birth: Calculated from 1880 census information
  • Neil Wagstaff, Provo, Utah, Phone:830-6345, Wagstaff Internet
Dewsnup, John, head, married, 36, Policeman, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Jemima, wife, married, 37, Manchester, Lancashire, England
, Joseph, son 12, Manchester, Lancashire, England
, Ann, dau 6, Manchester, Lancashire, England
, Phoebe, dau 4, Manchester, Lancashire, England
, John, son 1, Manchester, Lancashire, England
  • 1870 Federal Census, Fillmore, Millard, Utah
Dewsnap, John, 56, male, white, Farmer, 250/ , Eng., vote, Jemima, 57, female, white, Keeping House, Eng.
  • 1880 Federal Census, Deseret, Millard, Utah
Dewsnup, John, head, married, male, white, 66, ENG, Eng Pensioner, FRA, SCOT

, Jemima, wife, female, married, white, 67, ENG, ENG, ENG
, John, son, male, married, white, 30, ENG, Freighter, ENG, ENG
, Caroline, daughterin Law, female, married, white, 26, ENG, Keeps House, ENG, ENG
, Joseph B., grandson, male, single, white, 8, UT, ENG, ENG
, Sarah Ann, granddaughter, female, single, white, 3, UT, ENG, ENG
, Caroline, granddaughter, female, single, white, 8M, UT, ENG, ENG


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