Selling GoHighLevel SaaS Mode for Digital Marketing Agencies

In this informative video by Jason Wardrop, he walks you through the process of selling GoHighLevel’s SaaS mode for digital marketing agencies. The video highlights the recent launch of GoHighLevel’s SaaS mode, which replicates successful software business models. Wardrop emphasizes the importance of simplifying the tool set to ensure clients can effectively use the platform. He focuses on core features such as online reviews and a unified inbox, demonstrating how the platform solves common pain points for small businesses. He also discusses the value of never missing a message or lead and offers a streamlined onboarding process to reduce churn rates. Additionally, Wardrop suggests offering a free 30-day trial and providing templates and resources for setting up the platform, with opportunities for upselling to higher price points for increased revenue and profits.

Overall, this video serves as a valuable resource for digital marketing agencies looking to leverage GoHighLevel’s SaaS mode to enhance their services and grow their businesses. Wardrop’s insights and strategies provide actionable steps for successfully selling and implementing the platform, ensuring both client satisfaction and financial success. Whether you are starting your own software company or looking to convert your existing agency into a software play, this video provides a comprehensive guide to selling GoHighLevel’s SaaS mode.

The Importance of Selling GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

GoHighLevel recently launched their SaaS mode, which replicates successful software business models. This is an exciting opportunity for digital marketing agencies to transform their businesses and tap into the potential for massive growth. As a digital marketer, it is crucial to stay ahead of the industry trends and adapt to new technologies and strategies. Selling GoHighLevel SaaS mode can help you do just that. By embracing this platform, you can simplify your tool set, focus on core features, solve common pain points for small businesses, reduce churn rates with streamlined onboarding, provide a free 30-day trial with templates and resources, and upsell to higher price points for increased revenue and profits.

Replicating successful software business models

GoHighLevel’s SaaS mode is designed to replicate the same billion-dollar business models of successful software companies like Podium, BirdEye, Weave, and Thrive. These companies have experienced massive growth and have secured significant investments from Silicon Valley. By adopting GoHighLevel SaaS mode, you can tap into this proven formula for success and apply it to your own digital marketing agency. This is an opportunity to transform your agency into a software company and capitalize on the growing demand for SaaS solutions in the market.

Simplifying the tool set

One of the key aspects of selling GoHighLevel SaaS mode is simplifying the tool set for your clients. With so many tools and features available, it can be overwhelming for new users to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. By streamlining the user experience and focusing on core features, you can ensure that your clients can easily grasp the value and benefits of the platform. This will minimize confusion and increase their satisfaction with the software. Simplifying the tool set also reduces the learning curve and allows your clients to quickly start using the platform to its full potential.

Focus on core features

When selling GoHighLevel SaaS mode, it is important to highlight the core features that offer the most value to your clients. Two key features to focus on are online reviews and the unified inbox. Online reviews are essential for small businesses as they help build trust and credibility among potential customers. By showcasing how GoHighLevel can help clients gather more reviews and manage their online reputation, you are addressing a common pain point in the industry. The unified inbox feature is also crucial, as it allows businesses to streamline their communication channels and never miss a message or lead. Emphasize the convenience and efficiency that the unified inbox brings to small businesses, and how it can help them stay organized and responsive to customer inquiries.

Demonstrating how the platform solves common pain points

One of the most effective ways to sell GoHighLevel SaaS mode is by demonstrating how the platform solves common pain points for small businesses. Online reviews and managing communication channels are two pain points that businesses often struggle with. By showing how GoHighLevel can help businesses generate more positive reviews and simplify their communication process, you are providing a tangible solution to their challenges. Highlight the positive impact that these features can have on their online reputation and customer engagement. By addressing these pain points, you are positioning yourself as a valuable partner who understands their needs and can provide effective solutions.

Emphasizing the value of never missing a message or lead

The unified inbox feature of GoHighLevel is a game-changer for small businesses. It allows them to consolidate all their communication channels into one platform, ensuring that they never miss a message or lead. This is a significant value proposition that you should emphasize when selling GoHighLevel SaaS mode. Businesses often lose potential customers due to missed messages or delayed responses. By highlighting how the unified inbox can help them stay on top of their customer inquiries and leads, you are showcasing the platform’s ability to drive real business results. This feature alone can make a significant impact on a business’s bottom line and set them apart from their competitors.

Reducing churn rates with streamlined onboarding

Churn rates can be a major challenge for digital marketing agencies. One way to combat this is by offering a streamlined onboarding process for new clients. When clients sign up for GoHighLevel SaaS mode, it is important to guide them through the implementation and activation process step-by-step. This will help them get up and running as quickly as possible and minimize any frustrations or confusion they may encounter. By providing clear instructions and support during the onboarding process, you can increase client satisfaction and reduce churn rates. A smooth onboarding experience sets a positive tone for the client’s journey with the platform and improves their overall experience.

Offering a free 30-day trial with templates and resources

To encourage potential clients to try GoHighLevel SaaS mode, offering a free 30-day trial is a powerful marketing tool. This gives businesses the opportunity to experience the platform firsthand and understand its value before committing to a subscription. To make the trial period even more enticing, provide clients with templates and resources that will help them set up and utilize the platform effectively. This can include pre-designed email templates, landing page templates, and marketing resources that will expedite their onboarding process. By providing these additional tools, you are demonstrating the value that GoHighLevel brings and increasing the chances of conversion after the trial period.

Upselling to higher price points for increased revenue

Once clients have experienced the value of GoHighLevel SaaS mode during the trial period, it is important to upsell them to higher price points. This not only increases your revenue but also allows clients to access more advanced features and capabilities of the platform. As their business grows and they see the positive impact of GoHighLevel, they will be more inclined to invest in higher-tier subscriptions. It is crucial to have a well-defined upselling strategy in place, clearly showcasing the additional value and benefits that come with the higher price points. By effectively upselling, you can maximize your revenue and profits while providing clients with an upgrade that aligns with their evolving needs.


Selling GoHighLevel SaaS mode for your digital marketing agency is a strategic move that can lead to significant growth and success. By replicating successful software business models, simplifying the tool set, focusing on core features, solving common pain points, reducing churn rates with streamlined onboarding, providing a free trial with templates and resources, and upselling to higher price points, you can position yourself as a trusted partner for small businesses. Emphasize the value and benefits that GoHighLevel brings, and demonstrate how it can transform your clients’ businesses. With this comprehensive approach, you can effectively sell GoHighLevel SaaS mode and take your digital marketing agency to new heights.