The Software Tools Used by Jason Wardrop in His Marketing Business

In the video, Jason Wardrop shares all the software tools he uses for his marketing business. He emphasizes the importance of these tools in saving time and automating processes. Some of the software mentioned include Arsenal, ClickFunnels, GoToWebinar, EveryWebinar, ConvertKit, Mini chat, Google Apps, Slack, Pic Snippet, LiveChat, and Twilio. These tools are used for client acquisition, sales funnels, live and automated webinars, email marketing, internal communication, appointment scheduling, and text messaging services. Jason Wardrop encourages viewers to give the video a thumbs up if they found it helpful and promises to share more information and training in future videos.

Despite the hefty price tag of $3,309 per month, Jason Wardrop believes it is a worthwhile investment as these software tools serve as a cost-effective substitute for hiring additional team members. He highlights the features and benefits of each tool, such as the customizability of ClickFunnels for client acquisition, the reliability of GoToWebinar for live webinars, and the simplicity of ConvertKit for automated emails. Jason also discusses the use of Mini chat to increase show-up rates for webinars and the integration of various software tools to streamline processes. He concludes by inviting viewers to leave a comment and a thumbs up to access free training materials and gain insights into his entire marketing business.

All Of The Software I Use For My Digital Marketing Agency ($3,309/Month)

Hey there! In today’s article, we’ll be diving into the software and tools that Jason Wardrop uses in his marketing business. He pays a hefty monthly fee of $3,309 for these software and tools, but trust me, they are definitely worth it. So, let’s get started!

Client Acquisition


First up, we have Arsenal. This software costs $99 per month, but Jason actually pays a lot more due to additional expenses like developers, designers, and support staff. However, you can get access to this software for just $99 per month or even enjoy a discounted price if you’re part of the Arsenal agency program.


ClickFunnels is another key software in Jason’s arsenal. He uses it for client acquisition and offers a host of custom features that suit his marketing business. ClickFunnels allows him to generate leads, set up sales funnels, and monetize all the leads he’s generating. Jason is on the high-end plan of ClickFunnels, which costs $297 per month.

Sales Funnels


As mentioned earlier, Jason uses ClickFunnels extensively for his sales funnels. It provides him with the flexibility to customize his funnels to better suit his clients’ needs. Whether you’re a real estate agent or running your own marketing business, ClickFunnels can certainly help you generate leads and follow up with potential customers.

Mini chat

Mini chat is an interesting software that Jason uses to engage with his audience through Facebook Messenger. He had a previous account with around 25,000 subscribers, but due to some messaging issues, it got shut down. However, he restarted with a new account and now pays $45 per month for Mini chat. It allows him to send automated messages and increase show-up rates for his live webinars.


Wistia is a video hosting platform that Jason uses to host his marketing funnel videos. It’s a great tool for sharing videos with his audience and improving engagement. While the price for Wistia is unknown, it is certainly a valuable asset in Jason’s marketing strategy.

Live Webinars


Jason finds GoToWebinar to be the most reliable and consistent software for hosting live webinars. He believes that live webinars are the lifeblood of his business, as they lead to better conversions and allow him to answer questions from his attentive audience. GoToWebinar costs Jason $138.23 per month, but the results he gets from it make it worth every penny.


As mentioned earlier, Wistia also comes in handy when hosting live webinars. Its video hosting features allow Jason to seamlessly integrate videos into his webinars, making them more engaging and interactive. Although the price is unknown, Wistia is a valuable tool for Jason’s webinar strategy.


Zoom is a popular platform for team meetings and video conferences, but Jason also utilizes it for his live webinars. With Zoom, he can easily interact with his audience, share his screen, and conduct presentations. Zoom proves to be an essential software for Jason and his live webinars.

Automated Webinars


EveryWebinar is Jason’s go-to software for automated webinars. This software allows him to seamlessly integrate his recorded webinars with email marketing campaigns. It’s a simple and effective solution that costs Jason $40 per month, or roughly $500 per year.

Email Marketing


ConvertKit is Jason’s choice for email marketing automation. He uses it in conjunction with ClickFunnels to create targeted automated emails for his subscribers. ConvertKit is easy to navigate and allows Jason to tag different users based on their interests. It costs him $285 per month, but the value it brings to his email marketing is undeniable.

Internal Communication


Slack is a must-have for Jason and his remote team. It serves as their primary communication tool, ensuring that everyone stays connected and updated on projects. Slack enables quick and efficient collaboration, bringing the team closer together. Jason pays around $61 per month for this invaluable internal communication service.

Appointment Scheduling

WhooHoo Forms

WhooHoo Forms is a software that Jason uses to schedule calls and gather important information about potential customers’ businesses. It streamlines the appointment setting process and ensures that all the necessary details are collected. While the price is unknown, WhooHoo Forms is an essential tool for Jason’s marketing agency.

Text Messaging Services


Jason utilizes Twilio for text messaging services. Twilio offers various SMS solutions that allow Jason to reach out to leads and communicate with them effectively. Although the price is relatively high, around $500 per month, the value it adds to Jason’s marketing efforts is immeasurable.

Sales Message

Another text messaging service that Jason may use is Sales Message. While not mentioned in great detail, Sales Message likely serves as an alternative or additional option for texting leads. The precise cost is unknown, but it may be worth exploring if you’re in need of a robust texting service.

CRM Software


Pipedrive is Jason’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software of choice. It provides an easy-to-use platform for tracking phone calls and deals. Pipedrive allows Jason to stay organized and manage his sales pipeline effectively. While the exact price is not mentioned, Pipedrive is a valuable tool for any sales rep or marketing agency.

Team Meetings


In addition to hosting live webinars, Jason also relies on Zoom for team meetings. Zoom offers a reliable and user-friendly platform for video conferences and screen sharing, making remote collaboration seamless. It’s a crucial software for Jason’s team, ensuring that everyone stays connected and on the same page.

And there you have it! These are the software and tools that Jason Wardrop uses in his marketing business. While the price tag may seem steep, the results and efficiency they bring to the table make them worth every dollar. So take a closer look at these tools and see how you can leverage them for your own marketing business. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and stay tuned for more content from Jason Wardrop. See you in the next video!